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I was given an ARC for Caught By Her Spell -A Katherine Bay Romance and like I told Shirley Wine.. .I loved it. This book came in the middle of my Paranormal kick and it was beyond great. I didn’t just enjoy the story line and characters. I enjoyed the mini-mystery inside the story.

This story can be read stand alone. I haven’t read books 1-3 yet I’m going back buying them on my next paycheck.

I can’t wait for the next book from Shirley Wine she always delivers on suspense, drama and HEA’s.

Cassie Piper is a loner, born with the gift of “sight”, she deliberately avoids anyone seeking her help. When high-powered attorney, Grayson Pritchard, erupts into her life demanding that she help him find his missing sister, the sparks surely begin to fly … Despite her adamant refusal, Grayson leaves her photos and, against her will, she’s inexorably drawn into his search. With photos will come the visions, whether she wants them or not.

Katherine Bay is a small, conservative town and most of its residents regard Cassie as a witch, a label that’s brought her much grief and unhappiness.

Grayson, a high-powered city attorney and tireless child advocate, is the quintessential sceptic—anything he can’t see or touch doesn’t exist—but to find his missing sister he will even stoop to seeking the help of a “so-called” psychic.

As, so often has happened in the past, Cassie never “see”anything that works to her advantage.

And she certainly didn’t “see” the primal sexual attraction that quickly flares between herself and Grayson … nor does she “see” that through her frightening visions, she and Grayson will forge an unexpected connection …

But Cassie is a woman hiding secrets, big secrets that have the power to destroy their fragile relationship before it even starts … Can either of them live with the consequences of these secrets when they unexpectedly begin to unravel …

This fast paced, small town romance is filled with mystery and intrigue. It is set in New Zealand, in the fabulous Coromandel region famous for it’s beaches and unrivalled lifestyle.

Other books where you can meet up with some of the other characters in this series:

           Safe In A Stranger’s Arms 

A Perfect Lie

  A Place Called Home   


Shirley Wine is from a family of seven where oral storytelling was a regular practise, a throwback to her family’s Irish Roots.


Born into a farming family, she has lived and worked on the land alongside her husband for many years. No stranger to personal tragedy, these experiences are reflected in her often gritty stories of triumph over adversity.

For many years, Shirley was a free lance writer with a regular “Country Comment” column in a national daily newspaper and other local and regional newspapers. Now retired, Shirley and her husband live in a quiet rural Waikato town.

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