On the #Firstday of #Christmas ….

Its the most wonderful time of the year ! I m excited because Christmas is the best time for a romance reader as my self. There are deals , steals  and sales on ebooks. Hallmark ,Lifetime and other channels are playing those addicting holiday movies. So here are some ebooks I’ll be reading …

From Hollywood…

A cattle ranch is the perfect place for movie star Sophia Jackson to escape her scandalous past and the paparazzi hot on her trail. But foreman Travis Chalmers makes it clear who’s running the ranch. When their constant clashing ignites unexpected attraction, Sophia takes on her greatest acting role: pretending she isn’t falling for the sexy, domineering cowboy.

…to Motherhood

Once Travis sweeps her into his arms at her sister’s wedding, she knows the feeling’s mutual. But a precious secret followed Sophia to Texas. And now a Hollywood hurricane is about to blow through Travis’s peaceful Texas town. Is the mother-to-be ready to fight for her future and see her most passionate Christmas wish granted—she and Travis vowing to love each other forever?

When hyper-organized Millie Romano is drafted to plan her friends’ Christmas wedding in Bohemia Beach, she knows it needs a spectacular centerpiece. Why not hire a world-renowned sand sculptor? Soon she realizes that no matter how talented Bennett Westyn is, he’s also a troublemaker, stirring up spats with the snooty caterer and driving Millie crazy. Worse, she can’t resist him, even as his merrymaking steers her toward a wedding-day disaster. As her Christmas Eve deadline nears, there are two things she can’t figure out: why her orderly life has become so muddled, and how she’s lost her heart in the mayhem.

Can two wounded people find happiness together?

Meet widower and loner James Harper, who avoids romance like the plague.

And vivacious single mom Miranda Lowe, whose nasty divorce blew up her life.

What happens when you repeatedly throw them together? Come to Journey’s End and find out…

If you love sexy small-town romance that features strong families, pick up A JOURNEY’S END today!

Five sexy brothers. One small town. Journey’s End.

There was a chemistry between Dr. Chloe Daniels and Detective Michael Phillips. Throughout the course of their work together, that chemistry as blossomed into something more, but it remained undefined, uncategorized. Until Detective Phillips was shot and almost lost his life. After that, Michael could no longer abide just being fond of Chloe. He expressed his deepest feelings for her, and his desire to always protect her. Chloe had feelings of her own toward Detective Phillips, but it wasn’t until she almost lost him that those feelings came into focus. There was love there, mutual respect and a powerful attraction. Could there be something more? Find out in Michael and Chloe: A Chloe Daniels Surprise! (This is a stand alone and can be read at any time)

It’s a Christmas love affair for Bliss and Marc if their past doesn’t rip them apart.

When Bliss is summoned home to help her mother with the family’s Christmas traditions, she puts her fast-paced life on hold, because what’s a girl to do?

Marc isn’t fond of the holidays. His paralyzed life suits him just fine. He likes living in the numbness.

You’ll cry, you’ll smile, but most of all, you’ll feel good—and isn’t that what you want from a holiday story?


Experience the charm and beauty of New York during the holidays in this new novella from Bettye Griffin, featuring a hero first introduced in her Gen/Liv/Cesca series (Save the Best For Last, Something Real, Man of Her Heart).

Eliáne Lara is happily settled in the rental unit inside a New York luxury high-rise condo that she acquired through a housing lottery. She doesn’t even mind having to use the special entrance—dubbed the “poor door”—that keeps low and middle-income renters away from the wealthy condo owners who reside on the upper floors. After she prevents a preschooler resident of the rich part of the building from running into the street, she accepts an invitation from the boy’s grateful father to join them for lunch, and before the meal is over she’s totally charmed.

Reese de Vries feels an immediate attraction to the gorgeous woman who saved his son, Christian, from injury. It doesn’t concern him that she’s black…so was his ex-wife. Regardless, he decides against asking to see her again, because he’s conquered his urges to pursue every pretty face he encounters—a bad habit that did in his marriage. But when he spots Eliáne teaching an aerobics class in his building’s gym, he feels it’s fated. With a little help from Christian, he invites her to dine with him Thanksgiving Day and proceeds to sweep her off her feet.

Eliáne is too embarrassed to tell him she lives in the “poor” section of the building and concocts an elaborate ruse to conceal the truth. She’s fallen for the dashing Reese in a big way, but there are more than twenty-odd floors and a special entrance between them. Can an Afro-Latina loan officer from a lower middle class background really find happiness with a globe-trotting multi-millionaire from an old Dutch family?

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