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Jayden Winston runs a successful business, yet he has lived with regret for the last ten years of his life due to a life changing decision he made upon his college graduation.

Because of his struggle with mysophobia, Jayden is rich but alone. He ended his relationship with his college sweetheart, Tamaeya Jackson due to pressure from his parents and his belief that she would soon tire of his compulsion to clean.

He now learns through her lawyer that he fathered a set of twins with Tamaeya and that she’s requesting support. Stunned by the news, Jayden demands that his lawyer set up a meeting.

With this new spark of hope, Jayden realizes that he has a chance to make things right with the woman he never got over, but will Tamaeya take him back and will the twins he unknowingly fathered accept him into their lives even with his obsessive-compulsive behavior?

Coming in mid-September

Okay I met BD Anderson 3 years ago at IRAE. This is my first book from her that I m super excited to recommend . She does an excellent job with balancing the spiritual aspects and the paranormal aspects. BD Anderson I cant wait to read the sequel to regret.

I’ ll be honest I’m always scared I’m not going to like Christian romances . Some christian romances come off as very preachy and makes me feel guilty . I really enjoyed this romance I can’t wait for part 2 and to buy both parts at IRAE next year.


B.D. Anderson, (Brenda Diane) has loved to read and write romance stories all of her adult life.  The Preacher’s Son is her very first published novel, but will certainly not be her last! Outside of being an author, she is also an Associate Minister at her church. Brenda is married and the mother of two adult sons.

It was quite a struggle for Brenda to write what many church people would consider ‘worldly’ romance with an underlying Christian theme, but her desire was to reach people where they are at and not to necessarily ‘preach’ at them. Her book is aimed at an audience that does not necessarily know about God, and she hopes that her book will open the door for honest discussion.  Her story has been warmly embraced by her church members and they have turned out to be some of her biggest fans. Her book will be used as a tool to open the door of communication in several Women’s Groups as they seek to minister to young adult ladies.

Brenda has received a wonderful review from Penn Book Reviews and has been featured on Alliance for Independent Authors website for her desire to help other new authors to have their works published.

She had dedicated a portion of the proceeds from her book to help new authors, as well giving a portion to her own church’s ministry. Brenda hopes to have the sequel to her book finished by the end of this year.

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