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I m sorry I haven’t been posting these past weeks. I m recovered from my about with bronchitis and I wanted to be 95% in my health to present the wonderful ladies of Swirling.

IR ROMANCE Fans! We are now less than One week away from SWIRLING THE BIG EASY 2017!

For you last minute shoppers, they have extended the REGISTRATION DEADLINE to AUGUST 20TH the last date to insure that you get the FAN SWAG BAG when you check in for this event in NEW NEW ORLEANS.

They also have some wonderful PRIZES that Attendees will be elligible to win during our Prize and Give Away sessions!

The coveted gift is a CREOLE NIGHTS BLANKET that will be raffled off on Friday, September 8th to some lucky IR FAN during the CREOLE NIGHTS ANTHOLOGY AUTHORS BOOK SIGNING EVENT.

There is every reason to attend SWTBE and no good reason not too, so REGISTER TODAY!

NOTE: Rooms at our Host Hotel may be available to FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE to those who register asap! CONTACT GERRILYN- with questions! We hope to see you there!



 My love I will find, in another place, in another time….

Review !!!

I really enjoyed this story. The only problem is it ends in HFN and it makes you ask questions. Otherwise well written .



Jasper Davenne
Jasper walked into the large ballroom and his presence was felt instantly. At six feet four inches, he was taller than most of the men in the room. His dark wavy hair was in stark contrast to his beautiful sea green eyes. Every woman in the room took notice as he confidently maneuvered through the crowd, greeting guests. One guest in particular wanted to monopolize all of his attention, Mary Plauché, but he avoided her as he talked to other guests.
Many attendees were vying for Jasper’s attention. As he turned to face a gentleman trying to get his attention he saw her—the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
She seemed to float down the spiral staircase. She held her beautiful yellow dress as she carefully walked down the seemingly unfamiliar stairs, carefully taking step after step while catching the eye of almost every man attending the celebration.
When she reached the bottom, an older gentleman greeted her.
Jasper forgot he was in the middle of a conversation when he began to walk over to meet the beautiful woman.
“Jasper darling, it appears my drink is empty,” Mary said with a pouty face purposely blocking his path to the mystery woman. Mary Plauché was a strikingly beautiful woman in her own right. Her long red hair hung to her waist and her green eyes almost mirrored his.
While she was beautiful and most men there would do anything to be with her, Jasper was not interested even though she possessed the other three major abilities, alchemy, evocation, and illusionism. Although she was powerful and beautiful, there was an evilness that dwelled within her. Jasper was not interested in making a life commitment with someone like her.
Mary tried to maintain his attention as he looked over her head. He was promised to her and she was not going to allow another woman, especially a dark witch, to take his attention away from her. She also noticed the woman walking down the stairs and her eyes instantly went to Jasper. Mary tried to contain her anger as she watched Jasper’s eyes fixate on the other woman.
Mary had worked too hard to manipulate both families into creating their agreement of marriage and she was not going to let some dark skinned foreigner destroy what she worked so hard to accomplish.
Mary tapped her glass with her nail to refocus Jasper’s attention.
Jasper looked at her glass then back at the mystery woman. “I’m not going in that direction, but you’re free to help yourself,” he said as he tried to walk by.
Mary continued to block his passage. “It would not be appropriate to fawn over another woman while your fiancée is in the same room,” she said with a faint smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Creole Nights Anthology


Ten original sexy tales from ten best-selling authors. When the sun goes down in New Orleans the heat will rise. Take a sensual exploration of those Creole nights with our hosts of humans, witches, vampires, shifters, wolves, sorcerer, ghost, reapers, voodoo priestess, warlocks, demons, priests and angels. Find out who lives, who dies, who loves for once in a lifetime. Read their sides of the story.

Author Sage Young is a writer of erotically sensual romance novels. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, she entered the self-publishing arena in the fall of 2013 with her debut novel “DELUSIONAL LOVE”. She continued the saga with “Defined Love” in the winter of 2014.

Sage’s first novel in the Moretti Brothers Series was released the summer of 2014 entitled “Choices We Make”. She is excited to release the second book in the Moretti Brothers Series “By Chance Not Choice” in spring of 2015. Sage is an avid reader of all things, but erotic romance novels in particular.

Sage uses every spare moment to indulge in her second favorite passion, writing. Her favorite saying “Always explore the possibilities”. She hopes that you will enjoy her novel and looks forward to your feedback.


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