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One part sugar and sweet. Two parts sex and sweat. It’s not your typical Romance and although it has an HEA, it’s a dark, twisty road to get there.

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“I have never resented Ivan’s good looks. But there are times, once I became of age to date girls and women, that I wish I could look more like him than myself. Women are not often quick to date a monster.

I was okay with that. Until now. Until Winter. She changed everything…”

Ivan Petrov is a ruthless Russian businessman who is only six degrees off mob boss. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything other than getting what he wants. And he wants Winter Rose, the prodigy opera singer, and is willing to torment her sexually until she begs for it. He could care less that Yury, his disfigured and most trusted guard has fallen for her.

Winter’s Beast is one part sugar and sweet, two parts sex and sweat. It is not your typical Romance and although it has an HEA, it’s a dark, twisty road to get there.


This novel is filled with angsty consensual non-consent. Yeah, you read that right. I’ll say it again…consensual non-consent. It might be triggering for some. As for everyone else… Shake off those strict Puritan morals and enjoy… Because Ivan Petrov, The Sexual Sadist certainly has.

ALSO FOR A LIMITED TIME…BONUS STORY INSIDE!!! The Red Scot! Two books for the price of one!

Twyla Turner (1978- ) was born in Joliet, Illinois and was almost immediately enamored with all things entertainment and yearned for something “more”. She wrote her first story in the 3rd grade and fell in love with creating a whole world from her mind. But it was a long winding road to self-publishing her first novel Star-Struck. An interest in science and animals, to wanting to be the next Oprah, majoring in radio/television with a minor in creative writing, to a year in Japan, four years in California and then to Arizona where a trip to spiritual Sedona awakened something in her and the need to write finally hit her like a brick wall.

Once she started, the ideas flooded her brain like she never dreamed possible. Her love of romance and travel, as well as her struggle with body image and the male species combined into wanting to write romance for ‘real’ women. She has 11 books to date and one novella and her dark romance trilogy The Damaged Souls Series was a 2015 Amazon Bestseller. She has become known as a champion for the underdog and she’s only just getting started.

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