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Ready for a #99cent deal? I have Nine books from the fabulous MO Kenyan.

Those who are Fans of her #Newyork #Series she is hard at work writing the finale of the series!

On the outside we may look different,

one black, one white

one tall, one short,

one slim, one muscular

On the inside we bleed the same,

we hurt just the same,

we love the same,

Inside he has a heart that beats for me,

as fiercely as mine beats for him,

I love him, I will always love him.

Falling in love was the last thing Alma wanted to do. Having witnessed the death of her boyfriend, the last man she thought she would love, wrecked her and stole her reason to live. Alma never expected Christoffer, a man from a different back ground from her, different experiences, wants and needs. She never expected that his love would make her want to love again. Alma gives love a second chance only to be burned once more. Christoffer was hiding a secret.

Christoffer knew that he would be heading home to an arranged marriage. An aristocrat with the same background as his. Then Alma came into his life. Christoffer selfishly loved with all his heart knowing that down the line his heart and Alma’s heart would be broken.

Will they fight for their love or bow to what others want?

This book was once published as Red Tears Blue Blood.

Secrets never stay in the dark…

Charlie wanted to succeed in her career at all costs. She was even willing to sacrifice her love for it. Like a thief in the night she sneaks out of Reeece’s arms, leaving with his heart. Only to appear six years later with secret she couldn’t tell him.

He proposed and she said yes, he didn’t understand why she would leave him behind. Reece spends six years trying to discover Charlie’s reasons of abandoning him just as their lives were set to begin together. Then one day he comes face to face with Olivia, a five year old girl who loves keeping secrets.

Will Charlie confess or will a little girl’s innocence sell her out?

Marietta Parks believes that the only way to stop surprises from happening in life is to control your own fate. Paying attention to every detail she scripts out her own life. Leaving love, romance and children out of it. But then she meets a man who just must be added into her story, Tobias Harden was the man of everyone’s dreams but t her he was a lovely addition to her already scripted life.

Tobias Harden was the modern day Casanova. Love was not in his vocabulary, and he was allergic to the word commitment, like poison Ivy to the bare skin. A chance kiss with Marietta Parks makes him question his single life. He was to be the best for her, and oddly enough she happens to be the only woman he wants to kiss. Tobias convinces Marietta that she needs him in her life. But after three years of marriage and life’s obstacles, he finds himself in bed with another woman. He has to convince her that he is still the man for her, especially now that she’s pregnant.

This book was previously published as ‘DENOUEMENT’

THIS IS NOT A HAPPILY EVER AFTER. When does love seize being enough?

This is the question Gabriella struggles with when the love of her life turns into her tormentor. All Gabriella wanted to do was to go back home and work with her father on the ranch.

When she meets a young ranch hand she gets more incentive to stay on the hacienda. Her father has something else on his mind. He wants Gabriella to be married to his best friends son, to merge the two families wealth. Falling in love and running away with Tony, her father’s ranch hand, was not in his plans. Feeling like she finally got her happily ever after, Gabriella doesn’t expect Tony to turn on their love. The sweet romance soon turns violent and Gabriella considers going back home.

Home seems to be the only place where things were normal and where her happiness existed. She goes through hell and back, escaping from home to be with the man she loves but only ends up going back home to find her true happiness

A wife for hire, turned into his most precious possession.

Drew had to annul his marriage hours after he said I do, when he found his wife and best man in a compromising position. To claim his inheritance, he needs to find a wife in just a month.

Falling in love with sleeping beauty.

Piper first saw him in the ER after a gruesome accident, she watched over him for several days, finding something new to love about him each day. So, when he finally wakes up and asks her to marry him, she obviously said yes.

Piper just didn’t know that this fairy tale, didn’t necessarily end with a Happily Ever After.

All is fair in love and war…

Raven no longer believes in happily ever after. Her ex-boyfriend, who seemed great at first but turned into an abusive monster, taught her that’s a fairytale. Now he’s dead, and all Raven wants to do is live her life in peace and raise her daughter.

When Raven meets a man who resembles the monster from her past, she has a panic attack and she realizes that her ex still has a hold over her. Picking herself up, she decides it’s the perfect time to get over her fear and conquer her monster. She never imagines that what she thinks will be a one-night stand will change her life forever.

All Guillermo de Castillo wants to do is live up to his responsibilities and get revenge on the woman he believes murdered his brother. He never expected he would begin to have feelings for her, but to give into those would be betraying the memory of his brother, which is something he could never do.

Content Warning: contains adult situations and sexual content

Antonio Burke can’t seem to be able to keep his hands off his daughter’s nanny. He had sworn off love ever since the love of his life died giving birth to his daughter. But the guilt of cheating on her memory is not as strong as the need and the lust that he feels for Rayne.

Rayne was just trying to get her life back together, she didn’t expect to be a surrogate mother to a little girl, a lover to her boss and pregnant within a month of her new life. Now she has to figure out whether or not she wants a life with Antonio Burke a man who was hot and passionate in bed, but cold and mean outside of it.

Can Rayne win the competition for Antonio’s love against a ghost?

Maxine did not believe in soul mates or the term ‘love of my life’

. According to her, life was a revolving door which people walked in and out of. However, when she finds herself at a crucible, she holds on to love. The love of a mother, a husband and that of a lover. The past shades a light into her confused present and Taylor, the boy she never thought she could count on is by her side every step of the way

Wakio escapes the city trying to distance herself from her broken heart. She finds peace of mind at the heart of the Mara, but something she didn’t expect to find was love. Christopher is known to many as Jonathan, and to those familiar to him know that Jonathan is about to get married. He meets a lady and doesn’t tell her who is truly is or why he is at the Mara.

He learns how quickly one can fall in love. But he also learns that love is only for the strong. How can he fight for Wakio when he isn’t strong enough?


Reading,Writing,Romance, Creativity and Imagination.

These are the words that describe my work.

I was born in Nairobi Kenya and had a passion for books ever since I could remember. Romance and love have always been a strange phenomenon for me. I have always wanted to change the ending of a love story. I decided to start writing my own.


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