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On the recommendation of Amie Stuart, I decided to buy one of Seth King’s books. Currently I am in the middle of reading Straight and I’m liking what I am reading

In the rip-roaring 1960s, a withdrawn man named Fred Ecklund meets a kaleidoscopic soul called Harry Faulkner, instantly changing both of their lives. The next three decades are a harrowing and heartwarming period of danger, passion, and soul-deep love under the oaks of the oppressive Deep South. Brace yourself for acclaimed author Seth King’s most impactful story yet, a transcendent tale of heartbreak, resilience, and the astonishing habit of true love to bloom even in the darkest of hours.


Henry Morgan is a beer-drinking, arm-wrestling, 100% heterosexual American male who is still a little numb after a rough breakup from his longtime girlfriend. Ty Stanton is a bohemian arts student who has been openly, and uncomplicatedly, gay ever since he asked for his first wig for Christmas.

After a chance, butterfly-inducing encounter one autumn day, Henry starts to realize something strange: he might not be quite as straight as he’d always assumed. What follows is a breakneck adventure that upends both Ty and Henry’s lives for the long haul.

Sexy, fun and thought provoking, Seth King’s Straight is about all the love we can let into our lives when we dare to jump off the beaten path and veer a little off course


Housewife Rowena White’s new neighbor is attractive, rich and beguiling. She also happens to be a woman.

As Rowena’s obsession with Grace Arundel deepens, two women must decide how far they will go to protect a love they never even expected to blossom in the first place.

In acclaimed author Seth King’s Grace, witness a love so strong (and so forbidden), two women find themselves running to the end of the world to hold onto it.


I’m excited to announce that Seth King will be one of the many of authors in this event! I will be attending and I hope he brings copies of Straight because I’m going to want a signed one or three!

Seth King is a twenty-five-year-old American author. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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