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***NOTE*** Men of Honor: Jake is the second book in a NEW SPIN OFF of the popular Heroes: The Carver Brothers series. Come see what the wicked men of Louisville Kentucky are up to!


A warrior in a band of brothers…

Jake Carver and his brothers have found their niche in life with Hawthorn Securities. Brothers by blood and of the sword, they’ve banded together to make a formidable force. Linda Hawthorn might work for Louisville vice, but Jake sees in her the strength and intelligence to become part of their team. He also has plans to make her his own. Too bad Linda doesn’t know.

A stunning beauty in a man’s world…

Being part of an elite paramilitary force has its perks, but Linda can’t help but feel like that’s Jakes way of better keeping her under his “safe” thumb. Her first thought? Fuck that. One rash decision throws Linda headlong into Mexico and a cartel’s stronghold with Jake and the rest of Hawthorn Securities hot on her tail.

Dynamite comes in small packages…

When past indiscretions come back to haunt the team, Jake realizes his boss’s agenda involves more than simply cutting off the drug traffic to Louisville, Kentucky. Linda is determined to prove she’s as capable as the one man she can’t seem to resist. Jake already knows she’s one of his team. The only thing he must convince her of is her own worth…and just how good they can be together.

If you feel a little lost click for the rest of Carver Brothers series

From the first moment Lauren Lake laid eyes on the handsome Cole Brady, she never wanted anyone but her older brother’s best friend. She just knew if she gave him enough attention Cole would finally notice her. All she had to do was be patient and let things happen. Well, her persistence finally paid off, but not in the way she dreamt it would.

His good looks always drew women and it was something Cole Brady was proud of until Lauren started getting an unexpected crush on him, but he wasn’t about to return her feelings. She was too young and inexperienced for him. He didn’t want to break her heart.

However, one night he did the one thing he vowed not to do and now he swore to do everything in his power to win back the woman he was secretly falling in love with.

From the outside Wesley Marsden has it all: wealth, good looks, and a genius level IQ, but these qualities hide the depths of his complexity. While he’s a man who’s strong, confident, and in control, he’s also a man obsessed with solving a family mystery and dealing with personal demons that have plagued his relationships for years.

Mia Careri is a special needs teacher; a woman who’s devoted her life to the care and education of other people’s children. Funny, beautiful, and intelligent, she has a job she loves and close friends who are like her family, but something is missing. A slew of failed relationships have her yearning for that connection, that feeling of intense love – the perfect man to have a future with.

When by chance or by fate, Mia and Wesley encounter one another in the most unlikely of settings, they realize that they might be each other’s salvation. As their fates collide over the course of a few months, neither of them will ever be the same again.

When the hunter becomes the hunted…

Serial-killer hunter Nick Shade built his legendary career chasing monsters—sadistic criminals with a gruesome thirst for death. When he rescued Montgomery detective Bobbie Gentry from horrific captivity and helped her reclaim her life, he didn’t intend to be a hero. Or a target. But now a copycat murderer haunts him, and reuniting with Bobbie is his best chance at neutralizing the threat.

Bobbie can’t forget the nightmares of her trauma—or the man who saved her. Working with Nick to outmaneuver the person behind a deadly vendetta feeds her hope that there’s more to her world than ghosts and destruction. Maybe joining Nick’s search for a killer is about gratitude. Maybe it’s nothing more than cold revenge. But the only way they can protect themselves is to trust each other.

A Spartan, a gypsy—masks for a night pure sex—and the birthmark which throws all anonymity out the window. Finally free after a nasty year-long divorce, Kailey Cox attends a masquerade party with the intention of one thing—remaining anonymous and finding a handsome man to bed. She discovers a Spartan warrior to accommodate her. Rand Paxton is drawn to the sexy gypsy he takes to his room. Seeing her birthmark, he believes he knows who the woman is. Confronting her, any doubt fades. Problem: For a man often in the spotlight and a woman who now prefers anonymity, can they make it work? Rand’s up for the challenge—he’d wanted her long before he discovered Kailey was Under the Mask.

Isaac Caldwell doesn’t trust emotions. Emotions made his brother abandon the company and guided his father’s lifelong need for revenge which is why he’s kept the unsettling feelings stirred by his administrative assistant, Kim Griffin, on permanent leave. But when he enlists Kim’s expertise with his plans to rebrand the company the feelings he mistrusts erupt into a passion that won’t be ignored.

After hustling in the streets nearly cost her everything, Kim walked away from the danger and easy money to pursue a life of stability she always dreamed of. She won’t fall for a man she can’t trust with her secrets, and even though her head warns loving Isaac is foolish, her heart won’t listen. Soon their business partnership skyrockets into a personal relationship neither expected. Before they can trust if their newfound happiness is a good deal a debt from the past needs to be repaid, and the cost could destroy the business, their love, and their lives.

Palm reader Darcy Kumar is cursed. She’ll be dead within a year, so why bother with love? After a brush with death she resolves not to squander what little time she has left. So when sexy firefighter Aiden Becker asks her out, she accepts. As long as she doesn’t have a child, the curse will end with her demise.

A Kachina healer and the last of his line, Aiden is compelled to pass along his gift to future generations. He doesn’t believe in the curse that Darcy thinks will finish her, but he has second thoughts after she has several close calls. He starts suspecting that her near misses aren’t accidents at all.

When they enlist the help of a powerful local witch, they learn there are even more sinister forces at work than just a curse. Someone’s gunning for Darcy. Will they find out who before it’s too late?

A week-long getaway…

City girl Claudia Cade’s carefree life is plunged into chaos when a camping trip with her brother in the national forests of Northern California turns into a deadly dash for her survival.

A solitary world turned upside down…

Nature photographer Shepard Olsen has resigned himself to a quiet existence, with only his dog by his side, until a woman in need of his protection shows up on his doorstep and throws his universe into disarray.

Two lives linked by tragedy…

Claudia is desperate to heal from her traumatic loss, but can’t stop thinking about her run-in with evil….or the grizzled mountain man whose quick thinking and good aim saved her life. When she shows up on Shep’s doorstep again, she finds she isn’t the only one who can’t move on.

… saved by bliss.

The two begin an intense, passionate relationship of Dominance and submission, pleasure and pain, but with dark memories haunting them and decisions about the future rapidly approaching, Claudia can’t help but wonder…how long can they be each other’s haven?

*** WARNING: This book contains a sexual relationship between a fashionista and a cranky mountain man who are dealing with physical and emotional trauma. And a very big, cuddly dog.***

He has scars and a dream. She has love and a determination to prove herself.

Corporal Wydell Jackson, aka Hard-Ass, is back in his hometown of Los Vista, Texas after serving years on the battlefield. Trouble is, the town is worse than a war zone after a storm ripped through it. Wydell and his platoon buddies are determined to rebuild and bring the people back to town, but how?

Since Anya Carter inherited millions and a lush estate from her grandparents, her phone is always ringing with requests to “invest” in people’s dreams. But this time her money manager has found something worth looking at—a small-town dream. After visiting Los Vista, her heart breaks for the ghost town and the people who’d once loved it.

Wydell is happy to take the millionaire debutante’s check and use it to rebuild. But she has ideas of a tiny home community for hipsters. As a Texan he believes vacation homes should be bigger and better, just like a woman’s curves. Each day he goes into battle against Anya, his control slips while he tries to keep his hands—and every other body part—off her.

Anya is determined to see her money spent on her terms, but when she argues with the hunky ex-soldier she wants to pull her hair out. She can’t deny he’s a complex man. When he isn’t drawing up detailed plans for the tiny homes, he’s working cattle—and her. Wydell raises more than her ire, and she is softening toward him. After all, building tiny houses together means being trapped in very close quarters.

Warning: Things can really heat up—even in small places. But there’s nothing small about this cowboy!

Other books in this series: Kickin’ Up Dust

People ask me about my momma all the time. Usually while squintin’ up their faces and looking down they noses at me like I smell bad or something; I don’t never smell nothing. “Where’s that bitch Tiny?” They ask. “When she comin’ back? That crook owe me two dollas and I want my money.” They talk about her right in front of my face. “She probably done run off with somebody elses man.” Or, “She prolly got drunk and fell in the river.” Somebody even said, “It was just a matter of time before she run off on her man and her girl. Them Maxwell’s are trash. All they do is drink, whore, and make babies.” I don’t never fight or argue cause they ain’t lying.

Tanina shocked everyone when she only had me. Wasn’t cause my daddy didn’t want more babies, that’s for sure. My daddy stayed tugging on her skirt and grabbing on her big titties. “I want a boy Tanina, I want a son.” My momma would swat him away and go down to the coloreds only speakeasy. It’s deep in the swamp and out of reach of the sheriff, the night riders, and wives waiting at home for husbands pissing away a weeks pay on rum and women like Tiny. The speakeasy is called Nukes Place. That’s on account of a big, black woman called Nuke owns the place. They drink, and dance, and fuck all night long as some half-assed band plays jazz music. Everyone is usually too drunk to notice how bad they sound. Daddy stayed sending me down into the woods to fetch my momma home. Sometimes she came willingly, sometimes she came a week later.

“Where is my beautiful momma?” They ask. She gone and run off I tell them just like Daddy told me to say. Every time I open my mouth and tell the lie, I think about the night my momma done me wrong. She done me so wrong that my daddy cried. My big, strong daddy never cries. The last time I seen my momma, Daddy was dragging her screaming into the woods. He had a spade in one hand and mommas hair in the other. Daddy and the spade came back. Momma did not.

All profits from Billionaires on the Beach will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Secret heirs, friends with benefits, hot nannies, irresistible rivals, and fake relationships … falling in love isn’t easy for five sexy, billionaire brothers.

Enjoy hot days and hotter nights on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with the billionaire Anderson brothers in this series of five steamy, original novellas from USA Today bestselling authors Elizabeth Lennox and Noelle Adams, as well as Leslie North, Lizabeth Scott, and Gloria Silk.

The Billionaire’s Mistake by Elizabeth Lennox – Marie didn’t have time for a romance, but when Sloan Anderson walked into her coffee shop, all of her friends decided that it was time for her to fall in love. Even her dog was in on the matchmaking! Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell her heart that Sloan Anderson was a lying, horrible, son of a…No way was she going to fall for a man who was going to foreclose on her store!

Her Reluctant Billionaire by Noelle Adams – Katie has been friends with Logan Anderson for four years. He might be a smart, funny, adorable billionaire, but after her work as a divorce attorney, she’s just not interested in romance. But when she pretends to be his girlfriend for one weekend at the beach, she starts to see him as far more than a friend.

The Billionaire’s Babysitter by Leslie North – After BASE jumping from a NYC skyscraper, billionaire Wyatt Anderson has been sentenced to four weeks’ house arrest in his family’s beach house, but he won’t be there alone… To get her dream job as a nanny for the wealthy, Laine Maguire will have to complete one last role: babysit a billionaire for a month. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Chased by the Billionaire by Lizabeth Scott – Grey couldn’t believe that the gorgeous woman with the adorable…ponytail, was none other than the girl from high school – the one none of the guys noticed because she was too timid. No longer! Gemma was smokin’ hot, owned a gym and…was one of the toughest women he’d ever charmed. But this time, there was more. Maybe too much more? Gemma intrigued him in ways that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be intrigued.

From Geek to Greek Billionaire by Gloria Silk – Olivia Moore has landed her dream job–to renovate a very special beach house. The last thing she needs is to bump into her teen crush, the geeky yet sexy Alexander Anderson. He needs her to help him with a makeover and an infusion of confidence with women, but getting closer to him means risking he finds out her secret past, which might tear them apart once again.

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