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As many of you know I recently attended #IRAE and it was a blast meeting Facebook friends and #Authors  who I cyberstalk on the regular….all craziness aside I took some notes in the Panels given this year and I came up with a few great lessons that I’m going to #Pursue .

  1. I/R  is considered to be the redheaded stepchild of Romance. We have the Potential to grow  ( and we will grow),We #readers, bloggers and authors have to be bold and get to our local library system and get them to order the books we read on kindle in their Overdrive System and in paperback so someone new can be as crazy in love with our #IR  writers.
  2. Leave #Reviews. I m uber guilty about not doing this one but if you don’t see it on my Facebook page then I m not #oneclicking or recommending my friends to buy.
  3. Report any eBooks Claiming to be #IR. What IR romance isn’t is a romance between a person of Irish nationality and
  4. #IR is not a FAD. It’s here to stay like LGBT Fiction and Erotic Romance.
  5. People have underlying Kinks so if you’re not open to one story then find another that is more your style. If you are daring like me then embrace the experience.
  6. Authors have “Reader Base” this base determines what the author’s brand is and how steamy the books are gonna be.
  7. This POINT is IMPORTANT! Support your I/R Authors, Cons and Bloggers. Share their posts on Facebook, Drop a quick review on amazon or goodreads.
  8. The Final Panels were Hot topics: Box Set, 99cent model, and KU( Kindle Unlimited)
    • One author suggested that this should be an author only panel
    • Another author said that this needed to be address to the readers in Expo
    • Frankly this topic is interesting and I needed to understand how each author felt about both Trends currently in the Romance genre.
    • This panel for me I gained an understanding as to why in Business school have in Marketing as a requirement. A big chunk of marketing is learning about the 4P’s applying them. We discussed how important it is to
      • Have goals
      • Research the best price for your product
      • To create a ” Base” your crazy fangirls/guys of readers
      • The perception of your books. (Do you want to be known as a Tiffany author/Kmart author)
      • Don’t short change your base. They are your most demanding stalkers but they want to see you succeed.

If you haven’t checked out my Previous posts about the #Authors and # Divas of #IRAE2017  Links will be posted below .

Sunday   Monday    Tuesday

These Ladies Deserve an Honorable Mention! Thanks for being patient with me !

You can’t fight love…There’s only one thing MMA fighter Gunnar Wells is more devoted to than his career, and that’s his mother, “Queen” Elizabeth. An elegant African American woman who adopted Gunnar and his two white brothers, Elizabeth was there when they needed her, and they’ll do anything for her. For Gunnar, that means running her hair salon when she suddenly falls ill. And if that’s not awkward enough for the champion fighter, he’ll have to work alongside Eboni Danielson, the other love of his life. The one he left behind to pursue his dream. The one he’s never forgotten…

Between the salon and her volunteer work, Eboni keeps busy to keep her mind off the man who broke her heart. So when Gunnar shows up again, she does her best to stay cool—on the outside. But the more she watches Gunnar step up and help out, the less she can deny her feelings. Soon Gunnar is doing everything he can to convince Eboni to give him a fighting chance. Can she trust him again—even when old secrets and new dangers come between them once more?

~They come to me in my dreams, giving me a glimpse of their final moments. I listen to the whispered pleas. See what is shown to me. I follow the restless souls across the globe and write their stories. For closure and to provide a happily ever afterlife. But, what of me?~ Piaget

A dream led her to the South of France. This one dream would serve as the foundation to build her latest work on. A determined C.P. Rance set out to give the sad woman from her dreams closure, and perhaps, a happily ever after life. Until the unexpected happened. Piaget Torrance, aka C.P. Rance, met an irresistible man.

A woman was the last thing Val Jaymes wanted or needed in his life. Especially not that pushy American who insisted on exploring a crumbling château. Her striking resemblance to the young restless soul whom wandered the property only further complicated matters.

The sparks between Piaget and Val could not be ignored or denied. Try as they might, the two were bound by something much stronger than mere chemistry. An unbreakable love capable of withstanding time. With Piaget’s trip coming to an end, the future of their budding romance weighs in the balance. Will C.P. Rance finally pen the most important story of her life?

Rumer Wilson married the love of her life ten years ago, has two beautiful children, and what she believes is a wonderful life to prove it. But, does anybody ever control love? Her world spirals into an unfamiliar place of uncertainty for everything she holds dear, when her husband falls in love with a woman hiding secrets.

Sebastian Ortiz has loved many women. Rumer is a means to an end. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but he needs her – for revenge on the man who hurt his sister – the sister he’s protected from harm his whole life.

Neither Rumer or Sebastian could imagine what comes next…

Darkness has never looked so beautiful.

Jaidon Swanson was not the person everyone thought he was. Over half of his face and body has been scarred since he was a young child. Passed around the foster care system, he’d been rejected, belittled, cast aside and bullied for as long he could remember. Just as he began to turn inward to the darkness trying to claim him, his life changed. He met HER and he would never be the same.

Kenya Norris had loved Jaidon from the first moment she stood in front of him as a protective shield. She never cared about his scars and accepted him no matter how he appeared. Leaving him behind to attend college almost broke her. She never forgave herself for keeping her feelings a secret.

Twelve years later, these two star-crossed lovers find each other again. But everything is not as it seems. Kenya has a secret—something she fears would make Jaidon turn away from her. Jaidon has shrouded his own terrible truths behind layers of shadow and lies. Once the truth is out, will it be the swansong of their budding relationship?

**Flawless is not a story for the faint of heart. While this is a contemporary, paranormal story with lots of romance, our Hero is not your typical Prince Charming. Be prepared for the darkness that resides within.**

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