I enjoy reading I always have #BloggerLife #Branding

I enjoy reading I always have …

…this blog has helped me connect with other authors and going to events that cater to meeting authors have help me start to develop my brand. The problem is that right now if you know me personally I m a crazy type A- Personality or workaholic or when I’m offered overtime I’m there…so I have this new job I love and drives me batty problem is that they promoted me early not for the higher pay but for servicing clients who are more crazy and I also kept my previous low wage job which for tickets for entry. For these and other reasons I haven’t been blogging or promoting like I want. Well this past Friday the decision was taken from me and I got fired from the low wage job. I have to wait one year to get it back if I want it back …..maybe …. Any ways in the following weeks ahead

  1. I will be doing a quick show case of books that I missed promoting…(one of many) ( maybe it will become a weekly round up?)
  2. I will be post more and adding more reviews
  3. I will be slowly updating my site to better suite my crazy Type A personality and to keep me busy from worrying about my incoming family drama.

My goal with up against the wall is to promote authors who I love and I have found and met my reading standards. If I get rich from doing I m happy but for me this blog has been a blessing. Where I can turn away from the problems in life and focus on the things I hold dear..books and romance… Thank you all for staying growing with me as I experience my growing pains…and defining my brand

Ella Portman

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