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“When will I see him again? And why do I want to so badly?”

Ben Lakeland owns a failing record store in small-town Welling, New York, and it’s the last place he wants to be. Everything used to be easy: watching football with his frat buddies, drinking beer, and being popular in school. But at 24 years old, everyone else seems to have grown up but Ben. Each day the same: work, run, eat, and sleep, all on his own.

Until he meets Julian.

Everything changes when the mysterious and intriguing new customer enters his store. Who is this man who looks like he walked straight out of a rock band, with his tattoos, leather jacket, and icy blue eyes? And more importantly, why can’t Ben stop thinking about him?

“Would you ever do something like that? You know… kiss a guy?”

Julian Hart just wanted to start fresh. Dumped by his last boyfriend in New York City, he thought Welling would be different – he could focus on pursuing his master’s degree without the constant anxiety of dating.

But there’s only one shop in town to feed his endless record collecting habit, and a friendly, muscular jock works the front counter. Why is he so nice to Julian? And why can’t Julian seem to stop his habit of crushing hard on gorgeous straight guys?

“Can you come home with me? I just don’t want to be alone tonight…”

The two men can’t stay away from one another, and as hard as they try, their feelings aren’t going away. Ben struggles to navigate what his attraction to Julian might mean. Julian knows he can’t have Ben—and that’s exactly why he wants him so bad.

Julian agrees to help Ben try to save the record store. But business and music are quickly forgotten when the two of them discover things they didn’t think were possible.

Breaking the Record is a 70,000 word slow-burn, steamy, emotional MM romance, with a first time gay story and mild hurt/comfort – HEA ending guaranteed

“I’m driving 3,000 miles across the country.”

“You should take me along…”

Will Stetson just graduated from college, and with his degree in Fine Arts, he has no career prospects. He’s a talented artist with no direction, but what bothers him even more is that he can’t find love. He’s flirty, friendly, and openly gay, but he doesn’t want just a hook-up, he wants to find a boyfriend who will truly love him.

Jacob Reitner is a tall, muscular jock who also just graduated and is ready to start his new job. But what will his life be like without his soccer team, business club, and jock friends? After the breakup with his girlfriend, he decides to drive across the country, to his new job in California, all alone. At least until he meets Will… how can a guy make him feel so good?

“You’d be perfect for me if only you could ever love me back.”

On a whim, Jacob meets Will and ends up inviting him on the road trip of a lifetime. But can Jacob resist the feelings he begins to develop for Will? Or will the trip transform them into much more?

“Because I’m falling for you. Or I already have fallen for you.”

I truly enjoyed Can’t Stop Now from Raleigh Ruebin .I can’t express how much I enjoyed both of the characters respective journey’s. For a newbie author, I was surprised how well written it was. So Ruebin you have a new fangirl !

Max is on a business trip alone in a beautiful city. He’s lonely until he meets Riley, the cute, young gay doorman at his fancy hotel. But if Max is straight, why does he keep thinking about Riley? Riley helps Max up to his hotel room, then helps him unwind in more ways than one.

Will Max and Riley spend just one hot night together, or discover that they just can’t keep their hands off each other?

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Tim Rodgers had no idea he would be going on a business trip to San Diego – let alone going with the man he’s had a crush on for months. Tim is quiet and reserved, but John is cocky, charismatic, and a good 7 years older than Tim.

Tim has to share a hotel room with John for 5 whole days. But when he gets to San Diego, John admits something to Tim, and the trip takes a wild turn…. why would John want to pretend to be Tim’s boyfriend?

Tim never expected he’d be sharing so much more than just a room with the other man….


What do you do when a one-time hookup becomes your summertime roommate?

Jesse Chase is in Colorado just for the summer, and he is determined to have fun. It’s his last summer of freedom before graduating from college, and during his first week in town, he has a sexy hookup in a bar with a hot, mysterious man. The connection is explosive, but afterward, the guy refuses to meet up again.

But two days later, Jesse finds out that that same man will be his roommate for the rest of summer…

“Is this how you get all the guys?”

“Not all the guys act like you.”

Nathan Stanford is still hurting after his engagement crumbled almost two years ago. He’s fully focused on his work as a photographer, and he’s definitely not looking for a serious relationship. But when he meets the young, intriguing Jesse in a bar, he can’t hold himself back.

He never expected to end up living with Jesse for the whole summer. He’s completely afraid of taking things any further, but at the same time, he can’t pull away…

“Stay with me. Just for tonight.”

Soon, Nathan is pulled into Jesse’s orbit. He’s forced to photograph a wedding that Jesse is catering, and ends up bringing Jesse on an overnight camping trip soon after.

It soon becomes clear that their feelings can’t be ignored, and what they thought was a summer fling could be so much more….

Seeing Sunrise is a 60,000 word slow-burn, steamy, emotional MM romance, with slight May/December themes – HEA ending guaranteed. (less)


Raleigh Ruebins started writing MM romance novels in November 2016, and hasn’t looked back since.

For people who like contemporary gay love stories with unique characters, steamy scenes, and always happily ever after endings – I love them too, and there’s nothing else I’d rather write.

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