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Seven years ago Ashley White made the difficult decision to give up the love of her life. She’s never forgotten him. She’s returned and she’s willing to do anything to win back the man she’s never stopped loving.

Stephen Ashcroft has never recovered from Ashley’s betrayal. She has the audacity to ask for his forgiveness. He’ll never trust her again, but for the sake of revenge, he’s willing to pretend that he can.


I love Thayer King… when I read my first book from her I had to find the sequel or Demand the sequel from her. Yes I said it. I would have DEMANDED a sequel to just friends. This book I demand a sequel as well or a follow up to the GATH. Wait I want Ashley’s book. Demand it as a matter of fact. So I m off til my next post because my TBR is too long…

Thayer King has always enjoyed a good fairy tale-especially those that end in a “happily ever after.” Throughout high school and college, she spent her summers buried between the pages of a romance novel. She also enjoys a good mystery, Agatha Christie being her favorite.She is an admitted television and film addict.
Thayer King loves her sleuths (from Miss Marple to Columbo to Monk). Thayer King is a big fan of science fiction flicks and enjoy a good fright every now and again. Pitch Black was the most pleasant surprise she had in years.

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