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Octavia Hinds, knew what hard work was. She worked at her father’s small bodega at nights and went to school in the day to become a therapist. In the midst of it she thought she met the man of her dreams in Demetrius Collias, but with a letter he shattered her life. Now he was back in the city and looking sexy as hell in his expensive suit and begging for her to forgive him. Octavia refused to put the heart on the line again, she’d barely put back together after he left. But Demetrius would not be denied, he booked sessions on her therapist couch and insisted she listen to his side.

With the truth revealed, she still was hesitant to trust him. Instead of giving up he decided to win her back with the one thing that was never an issue between them, passion and desire. She knew his feelings about her and what he wanted. And now he’d turned the tables and used the tactic she could never resist. With him in the room in her therapist chair, he wooed her with that sexy talk and she was powerless to say no.

Vince Merrick spent fifteen years in the army, protection his country and now used his hands to create some of the most delectable dishes and now was living his dream. He owned the quaint beachfront restaurant in Monterey California called Constables. He was the Chef that gave you the ambiance along with amazing food. Working at his side was his sous Chef Annalisa Torres, a transplant from New York who helped give the menu an east coast Spanish flare. With a storm raging, trying to keep the business from flooding left them trapped for the night. Vince and Anna give into a passion that was stronger than the harsh sea wind that buffeted the walls of the restaurant. But that led to a complication neither of them expected, Anna was pregnant.

He never thought he’d have a future let alone a successful business and now a family. But each time he proposed to the woman who tormented his dreams, she said no. It didn’t mean that she didn’t drive him mad with wanting her or had a problem sharing his bed. Yet the ultimate commitment seemed off the table even though they were expecting a child. It became even more complicated when her parents and brothers arrived. Her father wanted a shotgun wedding, (he literally had a shotgun) thinking Vince was the hold out in the relationship.. All Vince wanted to do was to raise their baby with the woman he loved. The problem was nothing seemed to please her parents and even when they did get hitched.

Rosalie Jasmine Domino or R.J picked the job her father hated and her mother worried over constantly. She was banned from being a cop like her dad, so instead she became a P.I. with a knack for finding missing people. Her father being a retired Lieutenant with the NYPD gave her a distinct advantage of having contacts in the police department, one being her longtime friend Detective Sean Gilead. One night after she was caught in a particularly dangerous situation, their relationship changed. After yelling at her and arresting her, Sean ended up kissing her till her senses swam and showed R.J. his true feelings. She had two choices–pretend it never happened or succumb to the feelings that he brought to the surface. Could they go from being friends to lovers, or would giving in to the heated kisses and passion lead to them both having shattered hearts?

This is A Previously Published Work…

Stasia Copeland thought she’d left Charlotte behind—the people, the ridicule, and a crime she didn’t commit. Her family didn’t seem to care either way, and being a bar manager was a lot better than being in prison. That was until a face from the past was standing in her bar, which caused everything to come flooding back. Bryce McDowell was looking for his sister who had gone missing, but she could still see the anger from the past in his eyes. He was one of the people who believed the worst of her, so when he asked for her help, Stasia had every intention to tell him no and go on with her life–until he said he would help her clear her record and her name so she’d finally be free to live her life. Stasia didn’t expect the gut wrenching need he caused when he kissed her or held her in his arms. When it was over and Kim was found she planned to leave Charlotte for good. So how could she be falling for a man who seemed to hate her when he wasn’t jumping her bones and blamed her for his sister’s downfall? Would the truth finally set her free or tear them both apart?

This Is A Previously Published Work…

Ethan Tremaine felt like he was sucker punched from the grave when his grandfather’s will was read. Find a wife and have a baby within a year. If not, he will lose his inheritance. Being known as a playboy in the media meant he could pick any model or starlet he wanted, but any woman wasn’t an option. The right person to love was what he needed and looked for. He wanted what his parents had before his mother passed and his father married his bitchy stepmother.

When his assistant Mya Spencer walked in and quit because she was pregnant and wanted to start her own business, Ethan saw the perfect opportunity to have his cake and eat it too. He always had a thing for the sexy, serious woman who guarded his office doors like a mamma lion. Being with her and raising her baby as his own seemed like the perfect solution to his problem. Building a relationship was one thing. Doing it in the public eye was different. Between his reputation and the cameras, there was his stepmother and the baby’s father all trying to ruin what he and Mya were building. They wanted money, and all he wanted was a family. Would his playboy persona cause him to los the woman he loved?

This is a previously published work…..

Beau Everett loved being a horse rancher and loved Wyoming in the winter. He and his twin brother Cody ran the family ranch like a well-oiled machine. After the loss of their parents, what he didn’t like was the holiday season. Merry Christmas was on everyone’s lips, and the town oozed with cheer. What he couldn’t seem to get enough of was Natasha Quinlin. She was an ebony beauty who could ride a horse in a rodeo like a champion and serve up a mean Tom Collin at the local bar and grill she owned. He wanted her to ride him like he was a prize stallion, but Beau knew he was in danger of being roped and branded by the fiery beauty.

Natasha loved Beau Everett from the time she moved to Twin Falls and saw him walking the halls of the high school. Then he was a cocky jock, and now he’d grown up into a sexy as hell cowboy that made her mouth dry. She knew the loss of his parents affected him more than anyone realized, and Natasha was determined this year to show home a few things. With her, Beau could make new Christmas memories, and that her love would be the balm for a scar that never really healed.

This Is A Previously Published Work…..

Ruby Greer needed a job and when she saw an ad at Cherry Point Marine Base for a full time babysitter, she took the entire ad with her and headed to the address. At the house close to the sand dunes of Crystal Coast North Carolina, she found Lieutenant Colonel Byron Keats and his three-month-old baby son Jason. The man was as straight laced as they came and after one look at her, he was willing to send her packing. Ruby was accustomed to being judged by her looks, a tattoo sleeve on her arm and a love of rock music generally didn’t make people think she was qualified. But after pointing out her experience and the fact that he was flying blind as a new father, she got the job.

She certainly didn’t expect to have an attraction for the older man. The way he kissed and things he made her feel was new exciting and she craved more. Ruby wanted to help him see the joys in life, a life with her. Byron was already doubtful, about the age difference and when her family made an appearance. She almost ran away. This time it was Bryon who stood with her and wanted her to fight for what they created, fight for their love. Ruby was ready to make the choice to follow her heart. But if she succumbed to the pressure of her family, she may under her father’s rules once again. Byron gave her his love and shared his son with her. Ruby didn’t want to be the one who broke his heart.

Today I decided to Spotlight Dahlia Rose . I love her baby series and I love her sassy Heroines and to die for heros .I give props to this very bold lady because she is a talented chef loving mom and awesome writer…

Dahlia Rose is the best selling author of contemporary erotica, suspense and paranormal romance. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed “The children of the corn,” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books

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