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At seventeen, Kiara Monroe made the decision to leave home with her boyfriend and never look back. Two years later, she comes to regret this decision and finds the strength to end the abusive relationship. Pregnant and alone, Kiara is stuck in rural cattle country Nebraska, living out of a trailer at the edge of the Cottonwood Ranch. To complicate matters, she finds herself falling for the older, brooding rancher next door.

After suffering through the death of a child, Rowan Kinsley is unwilling to open his heart to anyone and definitely not to the obnoxious, rude, and immature pregnant teenager who has taken up residence inside a rundown trailer next to his ranch. It doesn’t matter if Kiara is the one person to warm his stone cold heart or make him question the promises made to himself in the midst of grief.

Can love bring two lonely hearts together and convince Rowan that a life with Kiara is the one thing his soul needs?

I’m gonna recommend this book because I like my Cowboys Rough and Hard. Under that exterior there is a man that has honor and loyal to his family whether blood or makeshift. He stands tall despite all the hardship he faces. Rowan is example of why I’m obsessed with Cowboy heroes. Despite his flaws and dumbass foot in mouth disease. I’m in love with him …Please Ms. Hunt more Cowboy stories!


While spending an entire summer listening to her father curse the name Brandon Sharpe, Danika finds herself intrigued by the newcomer to Hart’s Fall…until she encounters the scarred and burly Irish rancher face to face. Her girlish fantasies are shattered and transformed to tantalizing curiosity. When her father’s business falls on hard times, Danika recklessly turns to Brandon for help, never anticipating the price for loving a man like Brandon.

No stranger to glares and whispers, Brandon knows his pickings are slim when it comes to women. As owner of the Bar S ranch, Brandon values his privacy and solitude. Yet, when faced suddenly with the possibility of claiming the daughter of his enemy for his own, Brandon seizes the chance and bargains with Danika Prescott—become his wife in exchange for the money she desperately needs.

But after a string of cattle thefts on his ranch and mounting suspicion of those involved, will Brandon be left to wonder if being with Danika was the worst mistake or the biggest reward of his life?

A New Hunt book is coming ! FALLING FOR A MONSTER…

Warning. This book contains racial epithets.

Release Date: Feb 20, 2017.

Viewed by many as a monster, Chase Hudson is a born and bred racist, who is unashamed of the twisted beliefs instilled in him as a boy growing up in the neo-Confederacy community founded by his grandfather. Chase accepts his lot and path in life by keeping to himself, knowing he can depend on and trust in no one but himself. Until his path crosses with Larke. The one person who has every reason in the world to despise him, but instead treats him like a man who is worthy of her compassion, trust and so much more.

Larke Taylor has never forgotten her harrowing encounter with the boy who’d threatened her harm at the tender age of nine. Thirteen years later, she is shocked and heartbroken to see the man Chase has become, after rejecting her innocent offer of friendship. His very presence frightens and intrigues her like nothing else. But beneath the hate-inspired tattoos telling her everything she needs to know about him, Larke finds it hard to deny all the other signs that speak to her heart. The ones telling her that Chase is much more than monster. He is a man deserving of love and way more than the life he leads, even if he doesn’t realize it.

As their relationship deepens, both are defenseless to defy their desire and all consuming need for the other. Larke knows while Chase is the only man who captivates and holds her heart, he is also the one person who has the power to shatter and burn it to ashes if he refuses to put her above his legacy of hate.

Excerpt #1

Excerpt #2

A thirty-something romance junkie, who’s not afraid to flaunt her ‘trashy books’. Ms. Hunt writes sensual interracial romance novels. She likes romances that tug at the heartstrings and she always tries to strive for a degree of this in her writing.

She lives in Germany with her husband and three children. She loves shopping, reading, long walks and laughing a lot.

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