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As ya’ll know we are BIG FANGIRLS of Em Petrova! So this month to make up for a month long hibernation we start off the New year with SIX Smoking HOT Cowboys ! One Crazy HOT Smokejumper ..

What’s better than 1 cowboy? 2 cowboys for the price of one . Click on the Pic for the amazon universal link.

I know it’s a little late to celebrate Christmas but Jingle Boots is one of my all-time favorite holiday books and since Em wrote it features a cowboy and very bad fallen angel

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It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man.

But that’s exactly what Malou Bullers, M.D. is trying to do. While volunteering at the rodeo, she turns a blind eye to all the bulging biceps and Wrangler butts that pass by. Except for one cowboy—and he’s worst of all. West Calhoun is a womanizer, plain and simple. The tie-down roper and reality TV star is never seen twice with the same woman.

When he’s not busy on his family’s growing ranch or trying to keep the TV cameras on his good side, West has his eyes on that big win. But his scores keep slipping every time a little eccentric New-Age rodeo doctor is in the arena. After a one-night stand with Malou, he’s hooked. And she’s made it crystal clear—healing crystals, that is—that she isn’t into rodeo guys.

Malou really should start turning him down—right after he helps her test her new herbal aphrodisiac. Besides, a man like West can’t be boyfriend-material. Or can he? The more time they spend together, the more she thinks he’s much deeper than he lets on.

West can’t get Malou out of his head, and his schedule is making it difficult to hook up with her. Meanwhile, a new TV producer is luring him with the promise of a spinoff show and big money that will help their ranch. And Malou is bound for her dream job at a university hospital. So why can’t she shake the notion that she might be walking away from the best man she’s ever known?


Dating an older woman has lots of benefits, and #1 is upsetting all the right people.

Lane Calhoun is on a winning streak in his steer wrestling event. His family is thriving, and their reality TV show is breaking records. So why can’t he find happiness? Well it could be that a passing fling splashed his favorite sex positions all over the news. And now that he’s been named the year’s most eligible bachelor, he’s through with dating.

When Delaney Monroe spies a gorgeous cowboy standing in chaps, hat and the sexiest grin she’s ever seen, she forgets she’s a thirty-five-year-old midwife with a failing small ranch and a son in college to support. No way could she date a younger man. But as soon as she and Lane get within looking-at-the-fine-goods distance, all bets are off.

Hiding out in the bed of a hot older woman sure sounds cozy to Lane. He’s tired of cameras, interviews and worse, false people. He just wants a spell of peace—is that so wrong? But between his trust issues and Delaney’s problem with him being a few years shy of her, their paradise feels like a mudhole. He only sees one path to freedom, but getting out of the next year’s reality TV contract means the end for the Rope ‘n Ride show.

*With a new look and a new series title! Released in 2015*

This year’s Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas promises to be merry and bright. But the real magic is happening outside the rodeo.

Dusty Waite comes from a family of world championship bronc riders. His father and older brother have been there, done that, and their gold buckles taunt Dusty at every family gathering. Now he’s the top pick for the win. If luck and skill aren’t on his side, he’ll be a family joke—plus he’ll lose his endorser, Rawhide foods. Losing the money would hurt, but no way will he walk away from the saucy little cowgirl running things.

Avalee Byrd is the marketing mastermind behind Rawhide. The next world championship bronc rider is going to be the face pimping high-energy drinks and power bars made specifically for hardworking cowboys. Trouble is, he’s more than a little distracted—by her. And she’s having a difficult time keeping herself from landing on Planet Ripped-Abs too.

While Avalee struggles to keep from mixing business with pleasure, Dusty is one determined cowboy. He wants the win, the job and the girl. But luck may not be on his side.


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Don’t you just love a man who can not only put out fires but he can start one as well?

Where there’s smoke, Maddox jumps into the flames.

Maddox has been battling California’s wildfires for years. As a smokejumper, he’s trained to take action first and think second, but when he sees the cabin his best buddy owned before his death surrounded by a wall of fire, he can only think of his friend’s widow.

Sydney came to the cabin to ready it to sell. The place holds too many memories for her peace of mind, and after three years of grieving, she’s ready to take a deep breath and move on. But she can’t do that smothered in her cabin.

When the smoke clears…

Maddox needs to evacuate the curvy vixen he has thought about too much since his friend’s passing, but the stubborn woman won’t leave. The team is short-handed, and she’s determined to get hands-on training. Cutting, shoveling, digging—all those things should wear out a woman of her size, but she still has amazing stamina in his bed—as well as bent over logs and pinned against trees.

The smokejumpers aren’t dropped into the danger zone with any water to fight the blaze, which is good because Sydney doesn’t want to douse what she has with Maddox. The sexy firefighter is everything she could want in a lover, and his link to her past makes her feel what they have is real. Until they’re back at base and no longer feeling the heat.

Maddox may never see her as more than his friend’s widow, but Sydney believes this is more than a danger-zone fling.

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Em Petrova lives in Backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her dream is to buy an old pickup and travel small-town USA meeting people and hearing their stories. Her heroes are hardworking–in bed and out–and she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.

You can learn more about her thigh-clenchingly hot romance at

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