This is a Political Rant 

Out respect for me my blog and what I stand for Lgbt rights the right to love whom ever u love if u voted for that asshat I WILL NOT BE Promoting your book…i m a supporter of all lives matter supporter that in the great nation of our we dont look at anything except your intentions I proud to call many LBGT people family many latinos african americans friends so u voted with your ass ….U have disrespected  me the communities I serve and caused me to deeply ashamed to be an american …..DO Expect alot more Nontraditional Romances because this who we serve we Serve Indie  Authors who are usually ignored by the general public …

IF you feel this too in your face please feel free to unsubscribe from this blog…
Glory -Common John Legend
.Rantover #2020elections #groundwork #beginstoday 

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