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2ecc1a001cdd21f305a58cab88e331a4.jpg“Welcome to Serenity” is an African American new release by Olivia Gaines.

It is book one of “The Serenity” series.

Jamar Smalls has just won the lottery. Since he was a child, somewhere in the back of his mind sat a budding vision of a very pleasant new life.

He has 197 million ways to make his dream come true. He starts by building a town.

Welcome to Serenity, Wyoming. Population -1.


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From the moment Holden Cimoc laid eyes on his brother in law’s sister Tallulah, he was falling. They were from two different worlds, leading two different lifestyles, but in his heart he knew it could work. He had to try. His card was placed in Tallulah’s hand with the simple statement, “call me if you need me.”

She called and the electricity between them was powerful, but family and tradition was stronger than her attraction to Holden.
“…I’m not looking for a boyfriend,” Tallulah told him.
“Good to know because I am not a boy. I have no interest in being your friend either,” Holden said. The blue eyes were piercing into the nasty thoughts building in the back of her mind.
“What do you want to be to me, Holden Cimoc, master electrician?”
“I want to be your everything,” he told her.

Available for your reading pleasure on Tuesday, October 25th.


Olivia Gaines is the award winning best selling author of Thursdays in Savannah. She also writes the best selling serial The Blakemore Files. Olivia has been called a “queen of romantic comedy” and her romances are praised as “hilarious, touching, and heartwarming. Highly recommended!”

She lives in Hephzibah, GA with her husband, son and snotty cat, Katness Evermean.

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