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On your mark, get set, ready, AuthorGo!

The first-ever online community which plugs readers into today’s most popular authors and their books  launched on August 15th.AuthorGo is open to book lovers who want to discover new authors and the expediency of keeping up with their favorites.

By joining AuthorGo (author-go.com), readers will have the ability to plug into our twenty-five participating authors with this fun, yet convenient interface. Managing to keep up to date with your favorite author, their new releases, giveaways you can easily manage all of this, plus have fun earning points and badges which can be redeemed for free swag, reader experiences and books.

To become a member of AuthorGo, readers should visit www.author-go.com, create a user profile and login. Readers can then select a quest, starting with the Social Butterfly. Each hunt is comprised of several author-centric tasks to be completed to earn points/badges before advancing to the next level.

Besides bragging rights for being a badass reader, members can collect enough points that can be redeemed for member-only goodies. Also, each month, participating authors will randomly award a grand prize to a lucky reader selected from the AuthorGo membership.

#AuthorGo participating authors include Xyla Turner, Ancelli, A.M. Griffin, , Bridget Midway, Koko Brown, Chanta Rand, Crystal Bright, Eve Vaughn, D.J. Parker, Heather Rae, Jeanie and Jayha, Kassana, Lolah Lace, LaShawn Vasser, La Quette, Olivia Gaines, Phoenix Daniels, Reana Malori, Serenity King, Shara Azod, Siera London, Syrius, Tiffany Patterson and Yvonne Nicolas.



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