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Noah Granger likes his life uncomplicated and drama free. Though he’s grown weary of trolling clubs for casual hookups, he doesn’t date and he doesn’t do relationship—ever. Lately, he’s become obsessed with the shy beauty across the hall. He knows she’s not his usual type, but it can’t hurt to ask….

Zoe Browning can’t believe that Noah, her seriously hot neighbor, is interested in her. But when Noah suggests a no-strings affair, her answer is an emphatic no. The guy is a player and a pervert. He’s always got a different girl on his arm and he always stares at her as though he can see through her bulky clothes.

Undaunted by her refusal, Noah decides they will be friends—at least until he can convince Zoe that they can be much more.


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I have always enjoyed a good fairy tale-especially those that end in a “happily ever after.” Throughout high school and college, I spent my summers buried between the pages of a romance novel. I also enjoy a good mystery, Agatha Christie being my favorite. I’m an admitted television and film addict. I love my sleuths (from Miss Marple to Columbo to Monk). I’m a big fan of science fiction flicks and enjoy a good fright every now and again. Pitch Black was the most pleasant surprise I’ve had in years.

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