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  1. I dont think Kat was justified in her hatred towards an entire occupation yet once she explained  I understood why she would feel that way.
  2. D’asia was right in telling Kat she couldn’t get down with her stance. D’asia experienced both sides of law enforcement.  After all D’asia experienced with Ryan I understood that she couldn’t hate an entire occupation.
  3. Vic’s relationship with Dashawn was helpful. It helped both of them. It helped Dashawn get on the right track and it helped Vic later on when he most needed it. Damn u #XylaTurner u played with my freaken emotions!!!!
  4. I believe any program that helps the community unite is important and needed. It should be given more funding and be apart of sentencing for criminals looking to be rehabilitated.
  5. Police officers should be more visible in the community . We need to remind people the people in blue are not our enemies.
  6. I loved Vic! He was so sweet and real . He caught my heart the moment he told Kat off in the party. Vic is uber Alpha. I loved when they had to restrain his ass when he figured out who was…cant say because the story is that good!!
  7. Yes. I think Vic learned that there is still people that hate cops. That there are cops that think that they can abuse the power they are given  and treat those by their color of their skin.
  8.  I believe Vic and Kat’s relationship will be successful because they respect one another they communicate with one another and both are key aspects in any relationship to last.
  10. HELLS YES I M ready for Reggie!!!!!! 😉 You better not delay him XYLA!
  11. To be a normal adult  I believe EVERY life matters. This country is great because we can use those differences and create something new and exciting .

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Love Under Attack Readers, the book is getting a makeover. Cover & Content.
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Cassius Rice, A.K.A., Cash has not been doing well in his classes for over a year. With one semester to go, his father cut him off, leaving Cash out of luck. With no other options, he took up an offer that he later regretted. Sleep with his professor and record it, then he would have the money to obtain his college degree.
Simple enough for Cash.
What he did not expect was the Professor’s Teaching Assistant to block his efforts nor did he expect the underground fighting world to be so lucrative. All he wanted was to accomplish his quest and graduate.
Find out what happens when this F student applies himself in more ways than one.

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