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Do you believe in divine interventions?

McKenzie O’Sullivan was in a dark place in life. Each day she lived in survival mode not knowing if her husband Wayne would come home in a good or bad mood. Everything she hoped and dreamed of was taking away by the one man that promised to love her until death do them part.

Everything happens for a reason, right? What would you do if you had no way out, and nothing to lose? Would you take a chance and risk it all? A personal classified changed McKenzie’s life forever, but does she really know who “is” behind the screen? Or is it just her loneliness believing everything written on her shattered heart.

WARNING: This book contains adult content and violence.


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Review : I m a huge fan of ancelli’s work. I particularly enjoyed this one because you as a reader didnt know the intentions of hero until half way in . I want to encourage readers to give this book a chance read it from beginning to end. Its a story that makes you a little bloodthirsty but overall a great read.

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Ancelli enjoys scribbling and making her words come to life. She loves writing romance stories about couples that go through trials and come out stronger. She would like to hear your opinion whether good or bad, you can leave your comments at ancelli55@live.com

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