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E BOOK SALE!! “THE PREACHERS SON” will be free on Amazon from September 26 thru September 30 and the sequel “BROKEN” will be 99 cents during this same time period.

The Preacher’s Son

Jeremy Ferguson is caught between two worlds—the conservative, faith-based expectations of his Southern preacher father and his own ambitions to live the life of a model in New York City.

Aura Vanderleigh is similarly trapped by her own battle for self-respect, her own family’s expectations, and her dreams of a better life. As a plus-size woman, she’s been indoctrinated with the belief that she doesn’t deserve love, let alone the love of a beautiful white man. She is surprised—and intrigued—when Jeremy shows up at her church one day. And fate has something wonderful in store: true love.

When Jeremy returns home with Aura, neither is prepared for the backlash. Will Jeremy’s family be able to set aside their prejudices and accept their son’s choice for a mate? Can Aura’s family and friends learn to embrace her choice and believe that she deserves the love of such an extremely handsome and sexy man like Jeremy? Can they inspire compassion and tolerance in those who would tear them apart?

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Maxine James has been broken. 

When she was just thirteen, an act of unspeakable violence ended the innocence of her childhood. She was abducted and violated on her way home from school.

Now twenty-six, the terror of her teen years is never far from her mind. She fears she won’t be able to overcome her past to enjoy a normal, healthy relationship with a man.

She lives with her sister Nadine, and her husband, Eric, and even though they are sympathetic to her trauma, home life is a challenge. When Max catches them in the throes of passion, something changes. Despite the pain of the opposition they’ve faced as an interracial couple, her sister and brother in law have found happiness. Max realizes that it’s time to stop living in fear and regret. Encouraged by Nadine, Max agrees to return to therapy.

Nadine’s brother in law, Matthew has never been quiet about his feelings regarding his brother Eric’s marriage. He has also never been quiet about his dislike for Max, a woman he feels is too outspoken for her own good…and Max has never hesitated to call him out on his racism.

Neither of them want to admit the undeniable attraction which is at the root of their animosity, but their siblings know what’s really the cause of all that tension. Max and Matthew are persuaded to go on a “pretend” date and the date turns out to be anything but pretend, opening the door to feelings that both of them had to accept.

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My  Stereotypical Love

What if there was a book in heaven that recorded all the ignorant stereotypes humans created? And what if those stereotypes were returned to earth to be destroyed by love that grows between two people?

VaLysia Chamberlayne knew that stereotypes about other people were wrong, even though she had a few of her own to work through.
Her grandmother Mavis had worked for the Hendricks, a well to do white family all of her life until the untimely death of VaLysia’s parents when she was twelve.
Despite leaving their employ, Mavis had remained close to the family, especially Emily Hendricks. It had been fourteen years since Val had been to the Hendricks’ home and now Mavis wanted her to take her there to a dinner she’d been invited to. VaLysia wasn’t thrilled about going, but she wasn’t about to disappoint her grandmother. She made up her mind to grin and bear the situation, hoping that the dinner would pass quickly and without incident.

Matheson Hendricks, the only son of Emily and Gregory Hendricks and heir to the Hannah’s Bakery chain, had always loved Mavis who was like a second mother to him. When she came to dinner, he was surprised to meet VaLysia, her granddaughter. He found her pretty, but aloof, almost hostile and Matheson made up his mind to keep his distance.
Yet there was an undeniable attraction between the two of them that neither of them could resist. Despite each of their preconceived notions about the other: black versus white, rich versus poor, they knew that they wanted to be together.
It was hard for VaLysia to accept that a man of Matheson’s means could really be attracted to his former housekeeper’s granddaughter. It’s hard for her to trust and let down her guard.

Matheson can’t get her out of his mind and discovers that his pursuit of her is hindered not only by his family, but by her grandmother Mavis as well.
Can the two of them overcome the obstacles of they face and find happiness together?

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VaLysia Chamberlayne and Matheson Hendricks have decided to tie the knot, however there are family members on both sides who are doing everything they can to keep this wedding from happening. Matheson’s grandfather is willing to pay unscrupulous people to discredit VaLysia and force an end to their relationship. VaLysia wants a longer engagement while Matheson is trying to get married as quickly as possible. Will Matheson and VaLysia be able to withstand the forces of racism and bigotry from both of their families and find happiness?



B.D. Anderson, (Brenda Diane) has loved to read and write romance stories all of her adult life.  The Preacher’s Sonis her very first published novel, but will certainly not be her last! Outside of being an author, she is also an Associate Minister at her church. Brenda is married and the mother of two adult sons.

It was quite a struggle for Brenda to write what many church people would consider ‘worldly’ romance with an underlying Christian theme, but her desire was to reach people where they are at and not to necessarily ‘preach’ at them. Her book is aimed at an audience that does not necessarily know about God, and she hopes that her book will open the door for honest discussion.  Her story has been warmly embraced by her church members and they have turned out to be some of her biggest fans. Her book will be used as a tool to open the door of communication in several Women’s Groups as they seek to minister to young adult ladies.

Brenda has received a wonderful review from Penn Book Reviews and has been featured on Alliance for Independent Authors website for her desire to help other new authors to have their works published.

She had dedicated a portion of the proceeds from her book to help new authors, as well giving a portion to her own church’s ministry. Brenda hopes to have the sequel to her book finished by the end of this year.

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