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Em Petrova loves this blog so much that once again she has stopped by with goodies, cowboys and a couple of twists!


1. Rope ‘n Ride- Ridge book three is out on Amazon!

This Cowgirl’s Review is that she loved it and cant wait to see what Em’s cowboys have up their kinky sleeves. That’s the short verison of this review the long verison could take a couple of hours .

If you are still not willing to take this Naughty Cowgirl’s word let me tempt you with a Excerpt of Ridge .

He growled as the wrench slipped on the bolt for the fifth time. “Ryder, hand me that socket wrench. I can’t get a good fit with this.” He held out a hand, waiting for the tool to be placed in it.
When he grasped on air, he threw a look over his shoulder. “Ryder?”

Some clinking noises reached him, and he waited. He peered at the offending bolt, trying to remain calm. Overall, he didn’t mind repairs like these. He’d been the go-to guy for mechanics since he was fifteen. But sometimes he wished he could laser off the bolt with his glare.

He pushed out a sigh. “Sometime today would be nice.”

The cool metal of a handle hit his palm. That he was prepared for. What he wasn’t ready for was the feminine voice that answered.

“Sorry, it took me a while to find the socket wrench.”

He jerked, heart leaping with the hope it was Anna. His forehead connected with the hood, and he groaned. Then he whirled, his gaze lighting on slim jeans tucked into tall, battered, brown cowgirl boots. Simple boots.

Before he lifted his gaze to take in the rest of the woman, he knew it wasn’t Anna. She wouldn’t be caught in a pair of boots with less than a thousand rhinestones on them. And she’d turn up her nose at brown.

Kashley offered him a friendly smile. “Long time, no see, Ridge.” Her attention flashed to his forehead, and she took a hasty step forward. When she pressed her warm fingers against his skin, he flinched.

“Dammit, am I cut?” he asked.

“Ohhh.” Her coo made him look at her harder. Worry was etched on her pretty features, and her mismatched eyes lifted to his forehead. “You’re bleeding. Crap, I don’t have anything to wipe it with, do you?”

It took him a second to catch up to what she was saying, and it wasn’t because the pain in head was too much.

No, her obvious concern sent him into a tailspin. Nobody but his ma and Wynonna had fussed over him in months. It felt as foreign as that smile he’d attempted the previous day.

When he didn’t answer, she began unrolling her denim shirt sleeve. Then she lifted the cuff toward his forehead.

He snapped out of whatever fog he’d gotten lost in and dug in his back pocket, pulling out a clean bandanna.

Her wide lips twitched up at the corners as she took it. “Good thing it’s red.”

“It doesn’t feel as if it’s bleeding a lot.”

“No, but your ma won’t appreciate a bloodstain.”

He grunted, partly at her words and partly as she probed the cut. “I do my own laundry.”

“Do ya now?” Her gaze lit on his. Until now he hadn’t realized how much he missed her. Missed those eyes. In grade school she’d been teased about them a lot, and he’d taken on his share of the bullies on her behalf. This wasn’t the first time he’d bled for her.

“Well it seems you have enough grease to worry about in your laundry. What’s wrong with the tractor?”

“Damn starter,” he grumbled.

“You won’t need it today, anyway. The rain started.”

When he listened, he detected the first drops hitting the metal roof of the outbuilding. Realizing she still held the cloth to his head, he covered her hand with his. “I’ll take it from here. Thanks, Kashley.”

She went still for a long second and then removed her hand and stepped back. “You’re welcome. I don’t think it will require stitches. Besides, you’ve got a hard head.”

A sound left him, a huffing noise that surprised him. It was almost a laugh.

They looked at each other. A dozen thoughts raced through his brain. She’d filled out, gotten more sensual-looking and curvy since he’d seen her. She wore her hair differently, with a long front piece that dipped over her blue eye. Did she know about his scandal with Anna?

Of course she does. The entire country knows.

He leaned against the side of the tractor and gave a last swipe at his forehead. “All better?” he asked.

She smiled wide enough that her white, straight teeth were showcased. His gaze latched onto them, remembering her years of painfully crooked teeth and braces.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“When I didn’t find you in the barn, I figured you’d be here.”

“I mean, why are you at the ranch?”

“My father wanted to talk to Buck.” Her words raised a deep ache in Ridge for his father. He’d been gone for a while now, but he’d never stop wishing he could sit down and talk to his old man. He’d taught him everything he knew about fixing engines. Too bad he hadn’t taught him how to choose a life partner. Apparently Ridge was no good at it.

“I’m sorry again about your pa,” Kashley said quietly.

“Thank you. He’ll always be missed around here.”

She came to lean against the tractor beside him, folding her arms so that her perky breasts rested atop them. She’d come to the funeral, of course, and he’d seen her a time or two after that. Then she’d drifted away, kept to herself. What had she been doing with her time? Was she seeing anyone?

“Still at the house?” he asked, probing the edge of his cut again with a forefinger.

She grabbed his wrist and yanked his hand away. “Don’t touch it, especially with your dirty hands. When did you last have a tetanus shot?”

“Stop fussing, woman. I’m fine.”

His words made her grin, her white teeth flashing again. The rain came down harder, drumming the roof so she had to raise her voice. “Yes, I’m still home. I don’t see any point in going away when I’m doing exactly what I want to do.”

He arched a brow, and it sent a pang of pain through his forehead. “Working with horses?”

“Yeah. I trained one recently for an autistic girl in Tulsa.”

“That’s great.” He felt the corners of his lips tug. Damn, was she going to make him smile and laugh?

She shifted her feet, drawing his attention to her legs. She was mid-height, but her legs always had been long in comparison. Until he’d gone through his eighth-grade growth spurt, she’d outrun him every single time.

“I love working with the horses. You know that. And I took over Ryan’s chores when he left.”

“He still in vet school?”

“Yes, second year.”

“Think he’ll set up practice here when he’s done?”

She shrugged, and it jostled her breasts. A strange, sharp stab hit his groin. He shifted too, bringing his shoulder closer to Kashley’s. Damn, he’d missed her comfortable presence. She’d been one of his best friends forever.

“I see you’ve got some little Calhouns around here now. Maybe you can introduce me before I go.”

“You’re not leaving now, are you?” He didn’t know why, but he didn’t want her to. Suddenly, he realized Ryder had disappeared, leaving him to fix the tractor on his own. Ridge hoped he’d gotten caught in the rain and got a good soaking.

“No, I’m not going anywhere in this downpour.”

“Have you lost your love for playing in puddles?” he teased.

She unfolded her arms to push the heel of her hand against his shoulder. He rocked to the side but moved right back to his original position. Actually, a little closer. Her long, thick hair brushed his sleeve. “I’m a country girl—I like getting muddy. Everything looks better covered in mud.”

He remembered that about her high school years—she’d gone after every guy with a dirty truck and spent her weekends mudding with them. A tightness formed in Ridge’s chest as he thought of all those guys she’d gone out with back then. For a spell, he’d wanted a truck to get muddy with her more than anything, but after a few months, he’d moved on from that.

“Seeing anybody?” he blurted before he could stop himself.

A flush climbed her cheekbones, and she dipped her head to stare at her boots. “Not really. Not for a while.”

Then she met his gaze. Crap, he hadn’t been thinking about the natural course of conversation when he’d asked her that question—that it would boomerang around to him next. It’d been so long since he’d held an actual conversation with anybody who didn’t know what had happened between him and Anna.

Pushing out a long breath through his nose, he scuffed his boot against the concrete floor. “I suppose you know everything.”

Her blue-brown eyes loomed in front of his vision as she forced him to look at her. She placed her hand on his forearm, leaning close. “Ridge, this is us. You can tell me about it, or you can let it rest. I’m just here to be your friend.”

He snorted, the sound harsh in the quiet of the space. The rain continued to drum the roof, creating a cozy background noise that soothed him a little. But did he want to talk to his old friend about his fucked-up life?

“What’s your pa want with Buck?”

“Nice subject change.” Her teeth flashed again, and suddenly things were a little easier between them. She picked up the wrench he’d dropped at some point and placed it back into his hand.

“You’d better work on that starter while I talk.”

This time the slight smile that edged up the corner of his mouth didn’t feel as odd. Maybe he could get used to this.

He took the wrench and dug back into the repair. She stood hip to hip with him, talking as he worked. Her father wanted to discuss letting some of his horses graze a certain plot of Calhoun land. As they’d always been friends, Buck was sure to agree. Any of the Calhouns would, but as oldest, Buck had taken over most of the business end of the ranch.

Kashley’s talk turned to her brother and what a gigolo he was. When she related her mother’s words that he’d probably caught a disease, Ridge threw his head back and laughed.

The noise startled him. He cut himself off mid-laugh, the sound ending abruptly. He stared into Kashley’s eyes. “Thanks for coming up, Kash. I haven’t laughed in… Well a long time.”

She nodded as if she knew, and then went to the toolbox and located the exact tool he needed to do the job.

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Em Petrova lives in Backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her dream is to buy an old pickup and travel small-town USA meeting people and hearing their stories. Her heroes are hardworking–in bed and out–and she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.

You can learn more about her thigh-clenchingly hot romance at http://www.empetrova.com.

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