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This Summer ,Marteeka Karland  released some awesome books ! I was lucky enough  to  blog about” That Healing Touch series ” . If you dont remember I m  happy to give yall a refresher.

Mary Jane’s Healing, Hands That Healing Touch ,Book 1

Blake Lasseter relishes his solitude. Nestled in the backwoods of Kentucky he is content with his simple life, deducted to service in a most…unconventional way. His college education in chemistry and botany help him in his quest to produce medical marijuana he refuses to sell, but gives those who need it. Unfortunately, there are some who think he’s a bit too generous with is…products.

Ruth Noles, will do anything to help ease the pain of her dying grandmother. Even taking a trip into the boonies to beg the help of the elusive marijuana grower so many have sworn by and—warned of. Thankfully, she already knew the man, if from several years earlier. Some told her of his brutish attitude, but no one said anything about his panty-dropping sex appeal, a fact she really should have remembered from her college days with him.

When a late spring snow storm rolls in trapping the two together Blake has to curb his appetite for her lest he alienate the beauty he’s so infatuated with. His only hope is to get her back to her grandmother before he loses his self respect and claims her for his own.
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Where the (Blue) Grass Grows ,That Healing Touch, Book 2

Elise von Switzer has vanquished her own demon by surviving breast cancer. Now, she’s determined to help others make it through their own struggles by championing the fight to legalize medical marijuana in the state of Kentucky. Taking control of her own destiny, she ventures into the great beyond to find the answers she craves.

One man deep in the hills of Kentucky holds the promise of help. Trouble is, Dane Lasseter’s as elusive as the cure for cancer itself. Even those who know him stay away. Rumor is, he likes it that way. People are always out to take what he has. When the lovely Elise encroaches on his territory, however, Dane has no problem making an exception to his own rule.

Dane knows Elise is hiding something, but discovering her secret only makes him more determined to prove to her what makes a woman roar. But some scars run deep. Will Dane’s healing hands be enough to calm the skittish Elise, or will she jet back the city, leaving her mountain man behind? When lust, love and hope get thrust together, all bets are off!

***This contemporary IR breast cancer survivor romance is full of emotion.***

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Heroes: The Carver Brothers
Four steel-willed men. All former military and brothers. They’d seen the worst, conquered the best, and survived each other’s sibling torments. But nothing prepared them for when love… came knocking.

Former Technical Sargent Chase Carver hit a dark spot in life. Until a wee tot brought brightness — and her stunning Aunt Melanie –into his life. But Melanie has a darkness clouding her life as well. There’s nothing like a damsel in distress to uncage a hero on the edge! — A Hero to Rescue Me

Meet Rick Carver. Marine turned State Trouper who relishes the nice quiet life after years of combat. Who knew one simple traffic stop with a woman named Laura would turn his life more chaotic than any of the battles he’d ever seen in past missions? — A Hero to Trust in Me

Retired Seal, Steve Carver, has a motto. Live large, take charge, and never bring em home! That is until he meets Ellie Temple. The hard headed Steve stepped on Elle’s toes — and her heart. Too bad Elle doesn’t realize a Seal never gives up! — A Hero to Trust in Me

Mike Carver, Marine Force Recon, has spent a lifetime uncovering deep, dark secrets. When Zaraiah Nelson crosses his path, he knows the beauty is hiding something tormenting her soul. Mike makes it his mission to find out and soothe away her pain. Question is, how far is he willing to go to make her talk? — A Hero to Master Me

Four brothers. Four stories so intense you’ll need to turn a fan on to cool down!

Get all four books in this one fabulous collection!

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Chunky but Funky

Dalton Colt is what one would call a badass motherfucker. If one weren’t in the same room with him. If one was in the same room with him, one simply called him “Sir.” Six feet, seven inches tall, he weighed in at nearly three hundred pounds. One hundred percent of him muscle-laden, proud-as-fuck United States of goddamned American badass Marine. The very last thing anyone wanted to do was to piss him off.

Harassing his woman was a damned good way to piss him off. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t really his woman, it was implied. Fortunately, that was an oversight he was about to fix. But convincing the plus sized, ebony beauty she was the one for him might prove to be his most important mission to date.

***This is a previously published book. No significant changes have been made to the overall content, though cover and publisher have changed.***

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Loving the Bastard
To say Maximilian Roth was a cold hearted bastard was the understatement of the century. But at least he was a first rate bastard. Nothing but the best would do for him. Money, power, woman…all of it was his for the taking. Then his father decided it was time for him to settle down and produce an heir for the business that had made them all exceedingly rich. The consummate bachelor had no desire to marry. Not when he could have any woman he wanted. Which is when he decided to arrange a marriage of the utmost convenience.

When Zeta Lawless is presented with Maximilian’s proposal, she’s not only stunned, she’s livid. Not only is she insulted and humiliated by the audacity of the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen, but her traitorous libido is curious to see if the sinfully sexy body he’s been graced with can live up to all the carnal delights it promises.

But will Zeta’s determination or Max’s stubbornness win the day? Can one woman make Loving the Bastard worth all the effort?

***This is a re-release of a previously published book. Changes in editing and mild content differences may be noticed, but the story is essentially the same.***

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More Details Coming !


Erotic romance author by night, emergency room tech/clerk by day, Marteeka Karland works really hard to drive everyone in her life completely and totally nuts. She has been creating stories from her warped imagination since she was in the third grade. Her love of writing blossomed throughout her teenage years until it developed into the totally unorthodox and irreverent style her English teachers tried so hard to rid her of. Now, she breathes life into faeries, space hunters, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, and a few just plane ole ordinary people. She loves to see the awkward, self-conscious band geek get the captain of the football team and make him beg for it.

Marteeka welcomes mail at mkarland@gmail.com.

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