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Shunned by her best friend Liam and reeling from a scandal, Castle Warren is determined to hold on to her dream of becoming a professional ballerina in spite of her deafness. Everything changes for Cassie however, when a violent assault robs her of all trust and sends her spiraling into a life of shame and regret. Now, twenty-three and dancing at a respected ballet company, she believes herself to be unworthy of love and fears she will never experience the wild sensation of being cherished in the arms of someone who cares for her. As the day-to-day struggle of living with her past and the never-ending loneliness begins to weigh on her, Cassie finds herself desperately craving a connection to someone.

After a chance encounter leads Liam Montagne to recognize Cassie as the girl he blamed for ruining his family, he wastes no time in ridding her of any notion of rekindling their friendship. But nothing is ever as easy. Consumed with desire for the former prostitute, Liam is conflicted by his overwhelming need to protect her and the urge to distance himself from a woman, whose alluring innocence and sweetness conflicts with everything he now knows about her.


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A thirty-something romance junkie, who’s not afraid to flaunt her ‘trashy books’. I write sensual interracial romance novels. I like romances that tug at the heartstrings and I always try to strive for a degree of this in my writing.

I live in Germany with my husband and three children. I love shopping, reading, long walks and laughing a lot.

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