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No woman should ever look that unhappy
Especially not this woman

It didn’t matter what it took
It didn’t matter what he had to do

He would make her his
And Protect her with his life


Cristene Williams had been the ideal girlfriend. She had stayed faithful through long deployments, tried to help her boyfriend deal with the aftermath of war. But no matter what she did she couldn’t seem to save a man who didn’t want to be saved, Instead, she found herself trapped in an increasingly abusive relationship with no way out.

No woman should ever be that unhappy, that wary. Especially not this particular woman. As soon As Capt. Rhys Powell discovered by the entrancing waitress never smiled, he was determined to set things right. Putting his career on the line, Rhys is determined she will be free and she will be protected.


This was the most ridiculous idea he’d ever had. It was illegal. Hell, it was obsessive. He knew it, understood it, but Rhys couldn’t be moved to give a shit about all the ways he was very wrong for this. So yes, he’d cased the diner night after night. After that had given him very few answers to all his questions about Cristene, he had enlisted the men he trusted more than anything in the world and led a full out recon mission on her life. So yes, he had crossed the line, big time, and he had no intention of going back.

“You’re never going to make Major.”

Although Rhys had every intention of making Major, he had to concede making rank would be the least of his worries if they were caught. So yes Gunnery Sergeant Arana “Happy” Hapai could possibly be correct. But then. Happy was the king of pointing out the obvious at the most irritating times.

“You don’t have to be here,” Rhys snapped back, knowing full well Happy wasn’t going anywhere.

As if to prove his point, Happy, let his seat back and propped his boat sized 13s on Rhys’ dashboard. Fine, Happy was an excessively large man, about seven feet of solid Polynesian muscle. That didn’t mean he could put his big ass feet on his dash. A man’s car was his second castle.

“If you don’t put your feet down I’m going to cut them off,” Rhys warned, staring pointedly at the well-worn boost resting there as if they had every right to be there. “I swear I will have your ass Running PT at three tomorrow morning.”

Happy actually snorted, keeping his feet right where they were. “How am I supposed to run PT without feet? Plus, you’ve got me up all night talking to your girlfriend’s boyfriend, which is a special kind of twisted. You know that don’t you, Rock?”

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Uncensored Bio

Shara is- well let’s just say touched. Born a Marine brat, Shara is a Navy Veteran with a pathological love for men in uniform, chocolate, and heroes that are maybe a touch psychotic. With over seventy-five books in her backlog, Shara has no intention of slowing down any time soon. She’s definitely not safe for work, or the kids, or- you know what? She’s just not safe.

You can drop Shara a line at shara.azod@gmail.com or check out her website- http://www.sharaazod.com

Censored Bio
Shara was born in Florida, grew up in Southern California, and has lived all over the world. A Marine brat, Navy vet, and the wife of a Navy lifer, she has visited four of the world’s seven continents. Her favorite destinations are Paris, Hong Kong, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Catania.

She has been writing all her life, but decided she wanted to write romance after reading The Flame & the Flower at the tender age of 13. That led to the notebook saga of Duran Duran, which was confiscated and turned over to her none too amused parents.

Shara married a real life cowboy and has two beautiful children. Currently residing in the South, she enjoys the slow easy pace of life since her husband retired and hopes to keep busy writing plenty of juicy romances.

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