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Adam Quinn is an attorney and co-owner of Quinn Corporation. He has dated many women in his life, but has only ever loved one, Brianna Robinson. After spending six months in Ireland, Adam is returning home with heartbreaking thoughts of her. Because of unforeseen events, Adam is now engaged to Holly McCarthy, an associate of his cousin, Cullen Quinn. Adam knows the news of his engagement will devastate Brianna. The anxiety in the pit of his stomach has not subsided since the announcement of their engagement was leaked to the press in Ireland. He needs to talk to Brianna and explain to her his painful decision.

Brianna Robinson is the owner of Robinson Employment Agency. She has built a successful business and her life is almost complete. The missing piece is returning home from Ireland. When Adam left six months ago, they promised to stay in touch, but their work schedules and the time difference made it difficult for them to keep their promise. The amount of work her business generates, keeps her so busy that she only thinks about him at night. Now, all of that has changed, over the last week she has been unable to contain her constant thoughts of him. Adam is coming home, and her excitement is almost unbearable. She is certain that he will take their relationship to the next level.

Will Adam go through with his marriage to Holly McCarthy? Can Brianna forgive what may be unforgivable? Will Brianna and Adam ever get a chance to renew their love or will they go their separate ways and be forced to renew their faith in love with someone else?

Brianna drove her Mercedes c63 coupe through the gate and up the sprawling driveway of Ivan and Stephanie Quinn’s new mansion. Although Stephanie and Ivan had been in the new house for over a month, this was Brianna’s first time getting a chance to visit. Her business was thriving but the shortage of staff required her to work long hours and weekends just to keep up with the demand. She didn’t complain, because she was enjoying every second of it. Working also helped her keep her mind off the fact that she had not seen Adam in the six months, since he moved to Ireland to oversee the opening and organization of the Quinn Corporation’s newest office.

Adam and Brianna had been playing phone tag for the last couple of weeks. Their timing had been horrendous and the time difference didn’t help. If they didn’t talk, he would always leave her a message; it was always the same message… “Hey beautiful, thinking about you and hope your day went well, sleep well baby.” She would listen to his message before going to bed every night. She felt connected with him, even halfway around the world.

When Adam first left they would talk once a day. Sometimes he would call her right before she went to bed so that he could hear about her day, or she would call him before he went to sleep. Lately, it was messages exchanged. She knew he was stressed, she could hear it in his voice, but she didn’t press him for answers. She was there to talk, if he wanted to, but he never did, he always wanted to hear about her day and let her know how much he missed her.

Adam had been in town since the previous day and they were still unable to connect. The butterflies in her stomach, danced around at the thought of seeing him again. She listened to his message a few times, and there seemed to be a sense of urgency in his voice. She tried not to get overly excited about seeing him, but she secretly fantasized that the urgency was because he missed her and wanted to make their relationship permanent. There was no doubt that she loved Adam and she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone other than him. In her mind, Adam was her soul mate. She smiled inwardly. “Slow down Bri, the man just got back into the country. He’s probably just as anxious to see you as you are to see him.” She chastised herself.


Want to #read the first two books in the series ?

Delusional Love
Ivan Quinn is a wealthy real estate investor who does not believe in relationships or love. He lavishly bestows his companion Ashley Ross with her heart’s desire to avoid the drama of a relationship. That is until he laid eyes on Stephanie Young. At first sight, Stephanie takes Ivan’s breath away. She has flawless caramel colored skin and the most amazing hazel eyes he has ever seen. The attraction is immediate but will he act on his feelings?

Stephanie Young is a laid off paralegal who decided to pursue a career in real estate. After completing real estate school, her best friend and owner of Robinson Employment Agency offered her a long-term temporary position with Quinn Corporation. She is instantly attracted to her new boss, Ivan Quinn. But at twenty six year old, Stephanie is still a virgin who has been hurt in the past. She will protect her heart at all cost. Despite the attraction, their strong personalities are at odds, causing a strained work relationship. Can they get pass their differences?

Ashley Ross has been Ivan’s companion for over a year and is ready to move their relationship to the next level. Ashley knew when she entered into the agreement with Ivan that he was not looking for a relationship. But she is willing to do anything to be with him——including getting rid of the competition.


DEFINED LOVE: Sequel to Delusional Love

Defined Love is the incredible heart wrenching sequel to Delusional Love; an interracial love triangle. When the lines between love and perseverance are crossed, the realization of true love is defined.

Ivan Quinn is the founder and CEO of Quinn Corporation. Handling the day-to-day operations of his billion dollar corporation has not been difficult for him, but dealing with the drama in his personal life is taking its toll. Ivan ended his arrangement with Ashley in order to start a relationship with the love of his live, Stephanie.

Ashley Ross is determined to have Ivan, by any means necessary. In an attempt to get pregnant she tampers with his condoms. She achieves her desired goal and announces to Ivan’s family, before telling him, that they are expecting. Ashley knows family is everything to Ivan and she will need their help to bring her plan to fruition. Her plan is working, but what she doesn’t count on is Stephanie also getting pregnant.

After finding out that Ashley is expecting, Ivan’s ill mother’s last wish is for Ivan to promise that he will marry Ashley and give her grandchild the family name. Although Ivan is enraged by the turn of events, he fulfills the promise and ends his relationship with Stephanie, the only woman he truly loves, in order to marry Ashley, a woman he despises.

Stephanie Young is devastated when Ivan ends their relationship. She opened her heart, only to have it broken again. After their breakup, Stephanie finds out that she is not only pregnant, but expecting twins. She can’t live with the daily reminder that Ivan chose Ashley over her. She decides to move to Miami with her ex-boyfriend until her babies are born.

Now that Ashley has everything she wants, how far will she go to keep it? Can the love between Ivan and Stephanie survive? DEFINED LOVE is the exciting and explosive conclusion of DELUSIONAL LOVE.



Author Sage Young is a writer of erotically sensual romance novels. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, she entered the self-publishing arena in the fall of 2013 with her debut novel “DELUSIONAL LOVE”. She continued the saga with “Defined Love” in the winter of 2014.

Sage’s first novel in the Moretti Brothers Series was released the summer of 2014 entitled “Choices We Make”. She is excited to release the second book in the Moretti Brothers Series “By Chance Not Choice” in spring of 2015. Sage is an avid reader of all things, but erotic romance novels in particular.

Sage uses every spare moment to indulge in her second favorite passion, writing. Her favorite saying “Always explore the possibilities”. She hopes that you will enjoy her novel and looks forward to your feedback.

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