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Hot Tamale by Tilly Greene_3

Hot Tamale by Tilly Greene_2


Soon a kiss wasn’t enough, but it was all they would share in Huzy’s parking lot. He pulled away and put his forehead on hers. Both of them were breathing heavily and she wanted more, but knew the timing wasn’t right.

A few minutes later he purposefully moved her legs inside, put her seatbelt on, and closed the door. She appreciated his taking control, but she wanted him enough to have not cared they were in a lit parking lot.

Without a word he got in the truck and turned it on. Carefully he put on his seat belt and pulled out of the lot. She wanted to say something to him, maybe tell him how much she wanted him right then, but said nothing.

They were headed back to her place when she said the first thing that came to her mind. “I wish we were headed to one of our favorite parking places. Those were fun times.”

Derek looked at her as the street lights passed overhead, and grinned. “Let’s park.”


“Why not?” he asked while making a turn off the main road into the woods. “We’re adults, we can do whatever we want, within reason.”

“Yes, let’s,” she said with a laugh. There was a pseudo bench seat in the front of his truck. All he’d have to do is push back the center console and they’d be able to get comfortable. As they drove down the country road, she reached a hand across to his chest. Carefully she started to unbutton his shirt as she gave him what else she was thinking. “You’re one sexy beast.”

“I want the truck’s inside light on so I can see all of you.”

With purpose he reached out to rub his thumb over one hard tip. “I want to see it all.”

How could she say no when he was only saying what she wanted as well?

Derek pulled off the road and beneath a set of tall trees before he reached down to unhook his seatbelt. Reaching over, he turned on the inside light. “Show me, Cat. Let me see your breasts in all their glory.”


Hot Tamale by Tilly Greene_1

Author Info

Born into the easy folds of a sleepy beach town, Tilly Greene embraces the laid back mindset she grew up with. Later, she settled into a polar opposite lifestyle from the one she’d been living by moving abroad to further her education. Despite the frigid climate, the fast pace existence melded in, making her a person who is adaptable and enjoys experiencing the diversity surrounding her.

 While traveling, she researches and writes erotica and erotic romances. The versatile author offers single titles and series within a variety of sub-genres [Contemporary, Futuristic, Shape Shifting, Paranormals, Westerns, BDSM] and occasionally likes to add into the mix interesting themes and subjects like sexual equality and ethics.

Every day she looks forward to writing about women who are independent and confident, the men who love them, and their twisting passionate path to each other.

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