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13876358_1157719340917705_5997691674450841223_nThere are many advantages to being immortal: never getting sick, not growing old, and living forever. The downside is watching the people you care about eventually die. Unable to deal with the constant losses throughout her life, vampire Nya shuts herself off from the rest of the world despite the protests of her friends. Her self-imposed solitude is soon disrupted, however, by two determined warlocks.
Centuries old warlock twins Cutter and Blade Romanov have suffered loss of their own, but the hope that they’d find a worthy soulmate has kept them motivated throughout the years. From the moment they laid eyes on the lovely Nya, they knew she was the one. The problem? She belonged to someone else. Biding their time, they wait for the day when she could be theirs and when it happens, Nya disappears.
The twins will search the ends of the Earth to be with the one woman destined to be theirs for all eternity. They’ll track her down until they make her their own, but unbeknownst to them, a specter from the past is hunting them down. Can they find their love and convince her of their fate together before an ancient evil destroys them all?

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Meet Eve Vaughn In Alexandria

Join Reana Malori, Eve Vaughn and some very special Guest Authors, for an afternoon of delicious food, lots of fun, and plenty of laughter!

There will be Book Cover Bingo, sexy photo ops and a guest performer. Grab your ticket today to reserve your spot and select your table!

 Tickets 13413729_1704052553179276_273564206903560593_n

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