@alliecooked #Excerpt from#DirtyDeeds


Do or die time.

Pulling my purse closer to my body, I took one last deep breath and exited the car as gracefully as possible. I wish I could say I’d felt some sort of electric spark when our fingers touched but I was too busy praying he didn’t notice how nervous I was. It wasn’t easy. I was completely aware of the driver lifting my battered little suitcase from the trunk, of Jeff staring at me, and the wind blowing my hair into my face, and this incredibly gorgeous, incredibly expensive looking piece of beachfront property I’d be living in for the next four days.


I’m not sure what gave away the fact I was being eaten alive by nerves, whether it was the expression on my face or the way my grip tightened on Jeff’s hand as my feet touched solid ground, but his reassuring smile did help calm my nerves. Of course, the fact that he was even better looking in person than he had been on Skype didn’t help. Neither did the fact that I was about to be stuck in the middle of pretty much nowhere with a stranger I’d met on the internet. It would be like something out of “Criminal Minds”–Jesus, this had been such a mistake. I could see it now.

The headlines would read: Sexy As Fuck Millionaire Beats Murder Rap.13728950_689104874576735_132922446616268659_n.jpg

Just one more


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Here’s Allie Cooke official deets:
Indie author and die-hard Southern girl, Allie Cooke has been reading and writing romance since she was old enough to hold a crayon, so a future as a romance writer wasn’t very farfetched for her. From billionaires to blue collar, from CEO to sexy entrepreneur, whether they’re wearing jeans or suits, Allie’s always had a thing for hot, hunky Alphas who need to be saved from themselves…Usually with the help of the right woman.
When she’s not writing, editing, or reading. Allie can be found cooking up mayhem in the kitchen or catching up on the latest and greatest TV shows with her favorite man.

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