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About the Book

Title: Dark Little Secrets

Author: A.K. Kruse

Genre: Romance

When Tad Stevens meets Alexandria Lane, their attraction is undeniable – but Alexandria is sure that their different backgrounds mean they could never be together. And just when she starts to change her mind, she discovers something Tad has been hiding, and her doubts come crashing back.

Even though their passion drives them back into each other’s arms, more secrets from Tad’s past could make them lose everything.

Will Tad’s secrets tear them apart? Or will the fire between them be enough to let their love grow?

Find out in book one of the Beholder Series: Dark Little Secrets!


#HOT! #Flansherself

“Alexandria,” Tad started to say, and she reached up and silenced him by pressing her lips against his.

She had caught him by surprise, she could tell; hell, she was surprised herself. But she was tired of holding people at arm’s length. Her life was a cycle of papers and research and work; a little electricity now and then was good.

The kiss was somewhere between a firm peck and a full-on assault. His lips were strong and firm, hers soft and ripe. Just as she started to feel him return her pressure, she broke away, rocking back on her heels.

He looked at her, his eyes blazing. She didn’t say anything, but held his gaze steady.

After a beat, he raised his hands and gently removed her glasses. Then he bent towards her and gently recaptured her lips.

This time, his hands went to each side of her face, cupping her cheeks, while his lips moved against hers. She let her school bag fall off her shoulder and on to the sidewalk, and snaked her arms around his back. Her palms slid up his back until her fingers brushed the edge of his shoulder blades, and she held on tight.



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headshot.JPGAuthor Bio

A.K. Kruse is a romance writer who has written several novels in addition to the Beholder series. She loves romance of all kinds, because it appeals to people from all walks of life. In addition to writing romance, she loves to research romance novels, and even teaches a college course in popular romance, writing, and research.

She lives with her husband, three girls (who she hopes wait until they’re teenagers to read her books), and various pets. She enjoys swimming, art, reading, and good T.V.

Author Contact 

Follow her on Facebook…http://facebook.com/akkruseauthor

Follow her on Twitter…@annabethkruse

See her Amazon.com author page… http://amazon.com/author/akkruse

Website : https://akkruse.net

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