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Title: I Don’t Date in December

Author: Darcy Delaney

Genre: Contemporary Romance







Successful Sydney-based consultant Blaise Lee is on the cusp of securing a partnership and a coveted office with harbour views. But it comes at a price.

It means she can’t date in December. Any time she tries, work interferes and men drift away like the memory of a bad Christmas present.

When Blaise is sent on a last minute business trip to Cairns in December, she meets Jonty Lucca. Tall, dark hair, rippling muscles and a smattering of stubble, Jonty is the sort of man she’d date in a heartbeat—if it wasn’t December.

Army Captain Jonty Lucca has just secured a dream job with the Australian SAS. His itinerant army lifestyle has played havoc with his relationships before, so he’s not looking for a girlfriend before he posts out to Perth.

But when he meets Blaise he falls under the spell of L’incantesimo. The enchantment. And he’s not about to let Blaise walk out of his life, regardless of her rule about not dating in December.

Book Excerpt

I take the keys and roll my case out across the pedestrian crossing, searching for the black sports car Mel has booked for me. That girl has a dreadful sense of humour. Black cars in this heat will be like ovens. But she is forgiven when I see it. Sleek, shiny and tiny, it makes up totally for the last minute nature of the trip.

Take that, Simon, I think as I open the car and pop my suitcase on the floor of the front passenger side. I slide into the driver’s seat and open the windows to let some heat escape, closing my eyes as I inhale the smell of fresh leather, with a whiff of de rigueur car scent. ‘Mmmm.’

I hear a footfall outside, but I’m so engrossed in soaking up the car that I give it little attention.

‘Suits you.’ A gravelly male voice by my window makes me jump.

I turn, frowning so hard I can feel a headache starting. But my desire to admonish diminishes as my eyes caress the well-formed biceps of a dark-haired man with just the right amount of stubble – two day’s worth by my estimation. And hazel eyes, too. I love hazel eyes.

‘Thanks.’ I raise my eyebrows and he smiles, revealing straight white teeth. Another tick.

He opens the door of the car beside me, and I crane my neck as he leans over to put his case in the back seat. I can’t see what his butt looks like in his jeans because it’s obscured by the bright blue door of the hatchback. A girly hatchback. Seriously?

I wind down the window and lean out as he closes the door. ‘Um, not sure I can say the same about your car suiting you.’ I grin, and hope I haven’t got any eggplant from the plane’s gourmet snack stuck in my teeth.

His mouth curves slowly into a smile. Even with my sassing him, he doesn’t get flustered. Another tick. I like a man who can engage in some verbal sparring.

‘I like to feel the curves as I drive.’ He glances at my cleavage before cocking one eyebrow.

I shake my head and laugh. Men are such simple creatures.

But unlike other guys who ogle me, this one isn’t annoying.

In fact, I’m starting to smoulder under that hazel-eyed gaze.

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Author Bio

Darcy Delany writes contemporary romance and chick lit featuring strong, sassy and quirky heroines.

Darcy loves history, fabulous food and old movies. A fan of British home shows, Darcy dreams of one day restoring a Georgian mansion, if she can pay contractors to do all the hard work for her.





Pinterest: Darcydelanyauth


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