#TuesdayTeaser – From Charmed by a Ruby… @WynterDaniels


Unwanted heat took root in her belly and sent out shoots in every direction. What was wrong with her? He’d called her a lousy waitress and said that he’d have fired her if he had the chance. He was the last guy she should feel any attraction for, yet her body didn’t seem to agree.

Helena appearedbehind him, hooked his arm and wedged herself between him and Mia. “There you are, my dear. Thank you for coming.”
Mia looked back and forth from Helena to the man. She was fair with pale blue eyes and a tiny frame, where he was tall with olive skin and dark, broody eyes. His jet-black hair was straight and glossy. They couldn’t be related. “I’m confused. Does he work for you?” Mia gestured at the man.

Helena smiled up at him as she rubbed his arm. “Oh, you two met at the café, hmm?”
Okay, they were definitely not employee and employer. Could he be her much younger lover? But hadn’t she recently lost her husband? The man turned on that same irritated scowl he’d worn earlier as he faced Helena. “Why is she here at your house, Mother?”

Mother? Oh great. He was her son.
“Now, would you please tell me what you’re doing here?” the man asked Mia.
Helena took his wrist and tugged him back. “Brent, please. You’re being exceedingly rude to this nice young lady.” She stepped back from the door and ushered Mia inside. “Please, come in out of the heat?”
After hesitating briefly, Mia entered the foyer. Brent, hmm? She wondered if he was Brent the third or something hoity-toity like that. It would fit.
“Thank you for coming,” Helena said. “You’re my last hope, you know. I’d give anything to contact Lester.”
Brent let out a gasp of protest that his mother ignored as she led Mia into a huge living room with soaring vaulted ceilings and enough paintings to fill a small gallery. But as Mia studied the distrust in Brent’s eyes, she made a decision. To hell with all the time she’d spent driving out here, and the gas it had cost her.

Whatever she told Helena, Brent would dispute it. That was clear from the way he kept looking her over, watching her every move as if he was afraid she’d pocket the silver or stash an antique knickknack in her purse. No, she wasn’t going to do the reading.

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Charmed by a Ruby: A Jewel Box Anthology
by Catherine Kean , Caro Carson , T. Elliott Brown , Wynter Daniels
Release Date: June 20, 2016

One enchanted ruby… Four couples in need of its magic to find true love.

When Lady Magdalen Suffield finds a letter ordering her best friend’s husband to commit murder, she flees into the woods. Pursued and injured, she collapses into the strong arms of Lord Cynric Woodrow, the local sheriff.
As Cyn treats her wound in his forest home, he wonders why she’s running from a man he considers an honorable friend. She refuses to confide in Cyn, but as his fascination with her grows, he must choose between loyalty to her or to his friend. Can Magdalen win his trust and stop the murder, or will the danger destroy far more than the love Cyn and Magdalen seem destined to share?

Kayna of Tintagel can read and write, making her a valuable member of Queen Guinevere’s household. But King Arthur is dying and dark times are coming to Briton, so her father orders her to follow Guinevere to a nunnery to live the rest of her life in isolation. Kayna rebels, and seizes a chance at a better future with the help of a ruby enchanted by Merlin. Flung far into the future, she is rescued by a pirate in the unimaginably advanced year of 1742. Can the ruby help her win the handsome rogue’s heart, or is love a magic they must learn together?

A LOVE MOST PRECIOUS by T. Elliott Brown
Chance Campbell returns from World War I with physical and emotional scars and one hope for the future: his racing stable, Carleon. But he has to earn his right to own the stable and define his future with one final win at the famous Travers Stake race in Saratoga Springs, where he finally meets Alexis Longworth, the woman whose letters gave him hope through his long days and nights in the trenches. Can he win both the race and Alexis’s heart in the midst of the gambling and corruption of America’s wickedest summer resort?

CHASING THE STAG by Wynter Daniels
Amateur psychic Mia Richards reluctantly accepts a gaudy costume necklace as payment for channeling a widow’s husband. After the ruby is stolen from her, she suspects it might not have been fake after all. Now she must catch the thief, because the necklace might be the key to escaping her terrifying nightmares. Too bad the only person who can help her is the widow’s harsh…but handsome son.
Brent Hartley recently lost his restaurant to his conniving ex-wife and his father to illness. The last thing he needs to deal with is a sexy waitress who thinks she’s his mother’s psychic. But when their hunt for the missing jewel leads straight into danger, will Mia and Brent discover secrets that bring them together, or tear them forever apart?

$0.99 US, UK
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1YroqB9
Amazon UK:http://amzn.to/1PtSJjt
Amazon CA:http://amzn.to/1Q4KDmZ
Amazon AU: http://amzn.to/1tqMLLs

Add it to your TBR ~> Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30626837-charmed-by-a-ruby

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