Best Ways to Build Your Erotica Audience

Hi everyone! I’m Ella and I have a teensy bit of experience with erotica authors. I’ve done marketing and editing but now I’m working on the promotion end of this awesome business! Today I’m sharing 5 ways to build your erotica audience. Are you ready?


  1. Know your reader

Are you writing a subgenre of erotica? Is your book contemporary or GLBT? Maybe it’s even paranormal or sci-fi. The first step is putting your book in front of the right people. If you advertise on social media or book blogs to contemporary readers but your book is GLBT, they might not click on your buy link.

*insert tears*

To remedy this, find some authors who write similar content to you. Who do you read for inspiration? Who is similar to you in print or ebooks? Find them on Facebook or Instagram and see who is commenting on their posts. See who is following them on Twitter. Then get to know those fans and recruit them to your fan club!


This may seem time-consuming but word of mouth is the BEST promotion! Talk to your fans for a half hour a day while your kids are in the bath or your chili is bubbling on the stove. You won’t regret it!


2. Newsletter


Do you have a newsletter? This is one of the best ways to reach your readership. After all, if they sign up for your mailing list, they like you! You’ve found your reader, NOW USE THE OPPORTUNITY! Email them exclusive content or a free gift just for loving you.


Be aware of how often people send YOU newsletters. If it’s weekly, it might be too often. A monthly or even bimonthly newsletter is fine as long as you aren’t spamming them with buy links and promotional material.


3. Guest Blog


You may think that blogs are a thing of the past, but have you ever heard the saying “what’s old is new?” This also applies for trends. Years ago you coudln’t turn around without blogging or reading a blog. Since then readers have moved in other directions, but I have a trend radar, and it is screaming BLOGS ARE IN!


So find some erotica blogs and talk to the owners. Ask for a guest blog date. Often bloggers want content and when they don’t have to take the time to generate it, they’re happy! But always be kind and considerate. Send your materials on time and make sure none of your links are dead links.


4. Rock your knowledge


Does your heroine collect taxes for a living? (sorry, tax season is upon us and it’s on my brain). Or does your hero learn how to create the perfect cream puff for his Valentine? Share this knowledge in the form of an article. Find an ezine, a blog or a form to share your article and make yourself into an authority on the subject. Then LINK BACK to your book content and see how many pingbacks you get!


5. Try a free day


If you’re self-published, you can change the price of your book. Try a FREE promotion for 1-5 days and watch your visibility climb. When your book comes off free, your numbers are still in the system and the book vendors keep you visible. Yes, it’s true. I’ve seen it MANY times.


Think of this as free marketing dollars. It’s the equivalent of running an expensive ad but it’s more effective. People are looking for new authors and new books already. Your freebie can entice them.


Note: make sure your information is in the back of your book. Back matter is important! Get them to visit your website, FB, Twitter or even your Amazon author page!


I hope you’ve learned a few tips on how to promote your erotica book! Here are a few more resources for you to check out:

Reader Magnets: Get Readers to Come to You

How I Sold 80,000 Books


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